One lovely coffee shop is giving us 50% off all food Mon-Weds

Costa Coffee wants to please all its customers in 2021 by giving them 50% off all food for a limited time (Photo: Costa Coffee).

We were all looking for a little more kindness in 2020. We never knew that the little things were more important to us, whether it was shopping for neighbors or checking in on friends or distant relatives.

Maintaining this sensual energy will allow us to start 2021 off right, and a good coffee will also show you kindness.

To celebrate your 50th birthday. Three days a week, on your third birthday, your favorite coffee* wants to make you feel like it’s your birthday – with a delicious offer that couldn’t be better received right now.

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, for a limited time, Café Costa’s entire menu is half price, whether you stop for breakfast, lunch or afternoon.

This means that for the normal price, you can buy one of Pork & Bramley Apple’s irresistible British Sausage Rolls for yourself and give it to someone else. Isn’t it?

So not only do you get a big hug every time you order one of their delicious hot drinks – from classic cappuccino to flavored latte to decadent hot chocolate – you can also get a much-needed gourmet drink at an incredible price.

You may need a WFH that can only supply Costa’s salted caramel brownies. Or maybe you fancy their Wiltshire ham and cheese toast when you’re 11. Whatever you choose, at 50% off it will certainly taste twice as good.

The promotion applies to all your Costa favorites, including the British Beechwood Smoked Bacon Bap, as well as new lines like the Caramel Muffin with Munchies, filled with chocolate chips, cookie balls and chocolate caramel sauce, then topped with Munchie, of course. Hm.

One lovely coffee shop is giving us 50% off all food Mon-Weds

Caramel Muffin with Crunchy Man – 50% off Monday through Wednesday for a limited time (Photo: Costa Coffee)

It also includes packed lunches, such as Heinz Beanz & Cheese Toastie, so you don’t have to eat boring dinners at home for most of the working week.

One lovely coffee shop is giving us 50% off all food Mon-Weds

The range includes delicious lunch dishes found only at Costa Coffee, such as the irresistible Heinz Beanz & Cheese Toastie (Photo: Costa Coffee).

Even if you want to go vegan in January, there’s a wide selection of foods to keep you going. Take Costa’s meatless toast, like the Vegan Smoky Ham & CheeZe Toastie, which might be better than the original, or the Chick’n Panini Vegan BBQ, which is so delicious that the factory never seemed like the best idea.

One lovely coffee shop is giving us 50% off all food Mon-Weds

Vegan Smoky Ham & CheeZe Toastie-50% from Monday through Wednesday for a limited time (Photo: Costa Coffee)

And because Costa Coffee knows that the beginning of the year can sometimes be a little dull and that we all deserve a little pick-me-up from time to time, all the sweets, from serious caramel and nut cake to raspberry and almond finger cookies, are on sale**.

While not all stores are open yet, you won’t have to wait in line for discounted snacks when you order through the takeout app – just in time to take a break from your 2021 to-do list. Just stop by, pick up the phone and enjoy.

The deal is part of Costa’s big birthday celebration. For half a century, the country’s coffee experts have been bringing the best of handcrafted quality to the country, which is really impressive when you think about it.

Amazingly, Costa has been named the best branded coffee chain in the UK and Ireland* by an independent consumer group in ten of those years, earning the title of the country’s favourite coffee every year since 2010. And their 50% off super-powder will make them even more popular….

For full terms and conditions of a 50% off food deal and participating stores, visit:

*Best branded coffee chain in the UK and Ireland, Allegra Strategies (2010-2019).

**Specific products are only available in selected Costa Coffeeshops.

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