Given the racial history of this country, it is difficult, if not impossible, not to see these decades of deep-rooted racial ties. But there’s more. Preservation of dignity in the work of man. What could be an illustration of their importance to the health of this country is the most recent example of how black Americans have remained resilient in our history.

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Inadvertently they had to pick up the pieces of a failed riot attempt which, if successful, would have made millions of voters disenfranchised, especially in areas with a large black population. Not only is it wrong, it’s wrong. It doesn’t have to be that way. In the democracy we are all supposed to love and cherish, the racial, income and power differences shown in this video should not exist. But they do, and they always have. Black people have always been forced to choose Sophie, to love a place that has hated us for too long, even though we knew it would be better for all of us.

I don’t really want to understand their motives. Maybe they just felt like they had to do their job. Yet his presence in this place at that time meant something deeper than just working. Whatever the reason they were there, black people cleaning up after a white crowd trying to undermine democracy is a powerful image, especially considering that the rioters had their noses up and the Confederate flag was flying over the auditorium.

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Despite the chaos, the blacks who saw the cleanup focused on what they could change, what they could improve. They were not answered with hatred with hate, anger with bitterness, confrontation with fists.

It’s very much like the way blacks survived the terrible racial slavery to taste freedom, and all they wanted was equality, not revenge. They survived a century of lynching and Jim Crow and were confronted with a non-violent movement that changed the world. Even today, faced with a president who invokes racial intolerance and calls for riots in the nation’s capital, a man who smeared the nation’s first black president with an intolerant conspiracy theory five years before his election, that has not changed.

Black people don’t ask for special treatment and don’t get all the power. They demand freedom from unnecessary killings by armed state agents, better schools for their children, a fairer justice system and a fairer chance for jobs and careers.

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After Trump’s victory in 2016, they didn’t try to close the government because they didn’t get what they wanted. They have organized themselves to make better use of their political power. And without black voters, President-elect Joe Biden could never have ended Trump’s nightmare.

These people in the video not only cleaned up after the actions of Trump’s supporters who tried to deny their rights to people like them. They prepared a place for the leaders, but had to come back to fulfill their duties. They wiped away the broken glass from the inside, while the crowd outside rejoiced at undermining our democracy — and made the United States the laughing stock of the world — and they confronted law enforcement, which was finally beginning to take matters into its own hands.

With every broom wagon they slowly helped to build this democracy. That’s what black people have always done, no matter what the circumstances, no matter what burden rests on their backs. I just wonder how much longer… …and how much more… …do we have to endure to perfect this democracy?

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