This week, the NFL announced the results of a study it conducted to determine whether or not draftees had been known to use fake IDs. The study discovered that 2.3% of draftees had been known to use a fake ID to buy alcohol. Fifty-two percent of the draftees had been known to drink alcohol, and two of those fifty had been known to drink to the point where they were “impaired” while at a bar.

He’s the most important player on the most important team in the most important sport in the most important country in the world. And yet, no matter how many records, trophies and awards he has collected, Peyton Manning was actually almost late for his own NFL draft. How did this happen? According to the story of a teenager, whose use of his own fake ID got him into the NFL draft.

Sports fans know that in 2004, quarterback Peyton Manning was selected by the Indianapolis Colts with the first pick in the NFL Draft, only to find out later that there was a huge mistake: a teenaged boy who wanted to “check out” the draft had slipped Manning’s name into the computer database. The Colts were able to fix the problem, but it took them a full day to do so.. Read more about eli manning draft story and let us know what you think.Tennessee quarterback Peyton Manning was a top pick in the 1998 NFL Draft. As you probably know, he was picked first by the Indianapolis Colts and lived up to expectations by later being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But Manning almost missed his own pick, all because of the younger brother of another prospect. That suitor was the one and only Ryan Leaf.

1 A8 Peyton Manning was a top NFL draft prospect after his career at Tennessee

. COMPARED TO: Peyton Manning has had many great teammates, but he once played on the same team as Donald Trump: Many people told me I couldn’t do it Manning, son of Archie Manning, transferred to Tennessee in 1994 and became a star. After only 144 passes in his first season, Manning threw for 2,954 yards, 22 touchdowns and just four interceptions in 1995, helping the Volunteers to an 11-1 victory and a Citrus Bowl. He continued to dominate in subsequent seasons as well. In 1996, Manning scored 3,287 yards, 20 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. In 1997, he proved his NFL maturity with 3,819 yards, 36 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. All of this earned him a spot as one of the top prospects in the 1998 NFL Draft, with him and Washington State quarterback Ryan Leaf ultimately being chosen. Manning then went first to the Colts and Leaf went second to the San Diego Chargers. Other top prospects in this draft were Andre Wadsworth (Florida State), future Hall of Fame member Charles Woodson (Michigan), and Curtis Enis (Penn State). Future Hall of Fame players Randy Moss and Alan Faneca were also in that draft, but they were only selected 21st and 26th, respectively. Manning was probably excited to go first for all those guys, but he almost missed the lineup thanks to Leaf’s brother.

He almost missed the selection, thanks to Ryan Leaf’s brother

word-image-10805 word-image-10806 Peyton Manning, right, of the Indianapolis Colts and commissioner Paul Tagliabue at the NFL draft on the 18th. April 1998. | Focus on Sport/Getty Images COMPARED TO: Peyton Manning just sent a strong message to Colts owner Jim Irsay, who rejected him for Andrew Luck Leaf is known as one of the biggest underdogs in NFL history. The Chargers selected him second in 1998, and he made his final pass in 2001. In his life after football, however, Leaf has become a successful media personality, and he recently recounted how his brother hit nearly every top prospect at the end of the 1998 draft. We all had a travel plan and a schedule when the buses left for the (draft), Leaf said on the 29th. April in episode of The Rich Eisen Show. He further said that the main alleged candidates and their families were on the same bus. My brother and cousin are nowhere to be found, Leaf said. … We sit on the bus waiting to be picked up, and I stare at the Manning family like I’m punching holes in my family members’ heads. Leaf says they ended up waiting 20 minutes. We say: Why are we waiting for an 18-year-old from Montana and a 16-year-old from Montana who seems to have lost his way in New York? said Mr. Leaf. … Suddenly these children, who were dressed for the purpose, stormed into the bus. We got no clear answer about where they were; they kept saying they were sorry, that they were sorry. And so, as we were driving, I finally turned around….. and [my brother] reached into his pocket and handed me the thing. He continued: They were running around Times Square getting fake passports. Mission accomplished, by both of them.

Peyton Manning later became a Hall of Fame player for the Colts and Broncos

. COMPARED TO: Peyton Manning was a great football player, but he also became a lifeline for the former QB in his deepest, darkest hole Things didn’t go well for Leaf after that, but they got better for Manning. He ended up spending 14 years with the Colts and four years with the Denver Broncos. He won 14 Pro Bowls, five NFL MVPs and two Super Bowls. Manning, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame, also ran for 71,940 yards and 539 touchdowns, the third-most in NFL history. Whether Manning was late to the lineup or not, it would have ended well with him, but it certainly would have been a good story if he had been late. statistics courtesy of Sports Reference and Pro Football Reference.You know how when you’re picking out groceries for a bunch of hungry teenagers, you find yourself thinking about a certain famous athlete you know intimately well? Yeah, that’s how I felt when I was in my early 20s. When Peyton Manning was preparing for the NFL draft in 1998, he’d never met the man who was to become his agent, Tom Condon. Condon, who happened to be standing outside the Manning home, saw the star quarterback outside and asked if he could come in for a few minutes. Condon told Manning his story: he’d just graduated from Boston University and was looking for a job as an agent. Manning asked if he could leave a few minutes later to go to the gym, but Condon told him. Read more about peyton manning rookie year and let us know what you think.

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