Art is often about the unexpected. Last Friday, a new Banksy artwork appeared in seaside Lowestoft. See if you can spot it in this picture.

There were rumours going around that Banksy had been in Lowestoft recently, and some believed that he did in fact spray a few of his trademark stencils on a wall. When those rumours were confirmed there was a lot of excitement from Banksy fans, and a little bit of trepidation from the local authority. If a pair of Banksy’s famous rat stencils – which were first put up in East London in 2002 – could be found in a town that’s known more for its oysters than street art, it was bound to cause a stir.

A new Banksy artwork has been found by a local fisherman at Lowestoft beach in Suffolk, England. As the artist is known to leave behind his work in public places, it has been speculated by locals that a Banksy may have been at work, but there are no other details to help determine the artist’s identity, or the nature of the artwork.

A possible Banksy artwork in Nicholas Everitt Park, Lowestoft, with a caption 'we are all in the same boat'

In Lowestoft, a scrap metal piece was added to the piece to make it seem like a boat. (Photo courtesy of PA)

A new piece of street art has emerged in a Suffolk town that seems to be the work of Banksy.

The sculpture, which can be seen in Lowestoft’s Nicholas Everitt Park, depicts three youngsters standing on a boat made out of scrap metal.

One kid is gazing out to sea, another is behind them looking over their shoulder, and a third is hanging over the side of the boat carrying a bucket. ‘We’re all in the same boat,’ reads the writing over the artwork.

The artwork’s metal portion has now been dismantled, and photos show a guy in neon overalls dragging it away.

Meanwhile, another painting of a kid next to a sand castle has been discovered on a wall outside the old Lowestoft Electrical store on London Road North.

A slab adjacent to the sand castle seems to have been lifted from the pavement and sits awkwardly close to where it should be.

Fans of Banksy will be watching his Instagram account to see whether he verifies that these two works of art are really his.

A possible Banksy artwork in Nicholas Everitt Park, Lowestoft, with a caption 'we are all in the same boat'

The attachment has now been removed by council employees, but the remainder of the artwork remains (Picture: PA)

A possible Banksy artwork in Nicholas Everitt Park, Lowestoft, with a caption 'we are all in the same boat'

Banksy fans will be waiting to see whether he verifies that the artwork is his. (Photo courtesy of PA)

With the sale of a painting providing a “picture of hope,” the mysterious street artist collected more than £16 million for health initiatives earlier this year.

During the initial wave of the epidemic, Game Changer arrived at Southampton Hospital.

The original painting was auctioned off by an unknown graffiti artist, but a replica of the piece remained in the hospital.

According to Christie’s, the artwork sold for £16.7 million, a global auction record for the artist.

The proceeds from the auction will be used to assist health organizations and charities that improve NHS care and treatment, according to the auction house.

A possible Banksy artwork in Nicholas Everitt Park, Lowestoft, with a caption 'we are all in the same boat'

‘We’re all in the same boat,’ says a caption over the artwork. (Photo courtesy of PA)

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Reading residents voiced their “great displeasure” in March when a Banksy painting on the wall of a former jail was damaged with red paint.

On March 1, the artwork, titled Create Escape, emerged on the red brick wall of Reading Prison, depicting a prisoner escaping lockdown with the help of a twisted spool of typewriter paper.

The artwork had been vandalized, with red paint covering the typewriter and the words ‘Team Robbo’ underneath it, according to photos.

This seems to be a reference to Banksy’s long-running rivalry with graffiti artist King Robbo, who died in 2014.

Banksy is believed to have started their feud in 2009 when he painted over one of King Robbo’s marks along Regent’s Canal in Camden, London.

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Banksy’s art, that’s been a fixture in the world’s media for the past decade or so, has been popping up all over the world recently, but nowhere has the artist’s work been found as prolific as in Lowestoft in Suffolk, a seaside town just north of Great Yarmouth, where he’s been leaving a trail of graffiti for the past few weeks.. Read more about banksy sneezing woman meaning and let us know what you think.

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