There is no indication yet that Trump and the leading Republicans intend to actively congratulate Biden. Trump continues to tweet election conspiracy theories to create resentment among its politically active base, and GOP members are looking for his help in winning two likely run-off elections in Georgia that will decide who will control the Senate.

In his speech, Lankford pointed out that after the terrorist attacks of the 11th. On 11 September, the committee of all parties which carried out the investigation concluded that the short transitional period following the disputed elections of 2000 may have exacerbated the lack of preparedness for this attack.

In its report on the attacks, the Commission noted that the 36-day electoral and legal dispute had halved after the normal transitional period. The waste of time, the Commission said, has prevented the new administration from identifying, recruiting, clearing and confirming important appointments to the Senate, reducing the ability of the United States to respond to terrorist attacks.

The republican mediation in the President’s orbit highlighted the growing gap between the practical reality that Biden needs essential national security knowledge in order to enter the government in January and the political fiction of the President and his supporters.

The Republican governor of Ohio, Mike DeWin, who heads the state that won last week, told CNN at the New Day ceremony that we should look at the former vice president as the elected president. Although he said the president had legal options, the governor of Ohio said there were more pressing problems in the country.

I’m worried about this virus, I’m not looking at the bottom of it. It looks like Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States, DeWine said, adding that America should unite as a country.

POWERFUL: CNN’s live voting results from the polling center

The illusory quality of Trump’s election-faithful claims was further underlined by the series of integrity checks carried out by Arizona, which CNN carried out in Biden late Thursday night. We tweeted on Thursday that a revised vote in Arizona would mean we could easily win that state. But the post-election audits submitted to the office of the Secretary of State of Arizona for more than half of Arizona’s provinces showed no evidence of systematic electoral fraud or serious discrepancies that could affect the outcome of the race. Several redevelopment districts have decided not to carry out audits; reports from the remaining districts have not yet been submitted.

A group of national public and private election officials said in a joint statement on Thursday that there was no evidence that any electoral system had suppressed or lost votes, changed votes or compromised in any way.

The election of 3. November was the safest election in American history. According to the Government Electoral Infrastructure Co-ordination Council and the Executive Committees for the Co-ordination of Electoral Infrastructure, electoral officials throughout the country are currently evaluating and monitoring the whole electoral process before the results are finalised. The group consists of federal employees who work in the Trump administration.

The most surrealistic feature of the reality hanging over the White House remains the behavior of the president himself. A leader who has been diligent in reporting on the campaign on television and who has been in office for a whole week, has made no public statements – even though his fate prevailed in Washington.

During this period, Dr Trump has done little to address the country’s main problem: a record number of coronavirus cases in the United States. On Thursday, the influential model of the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrology and Evaluation predicted that by January 1, 2010, the number of people affected by the disease will increase. The mortality rate in the United States is expected to be 438,941 on March 1. (The model showed that the rate could be even higher – 587,000 deaths as of March 1 – when states relaxed their restrictions and began to hide).

But the president’s Twitter feed on Thursday showed he’s much more obsessed with what he sees as the mistreatment of Fox News, his once privileged network, which he believes should defend him more strongly in the twilight zone created by his refusal to acknowledge Biden’s victory.

Trump sent or launched more than a dozen tweets over the course of the Thursday, criticizing the station and claiming that its ratings had completely collapsed because they had forgotten what made them successful and what led them to it.

They forgot the golden goose, Trump’s chirping. The biggest difference between the elections of 2016 and 2020 was @FoxNews!

The president, who according to CNN sources is becoming increasingly depressed on Thursday, continues to tweet false information about election fraud. But a week and a half after election day, there is no evidence that his campaign has convinced a court to take his complaints seriously. In this strange limbo between disobedience and a confession of defeat, the president hesitates between fighting and admitting that his power is dying out, sources reported CNN.

Even Trump’s kids don’t agree on the way forward. While his adult sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump encouraged his father to continue contesting the election results, his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kouchner took a more balanced stance, CNN said Thursday, urging the president to consider the potential damage to his legacy as they assess their own ambitions after the White House election.

It is quite possible that Mr Trump resigns without admitting that he was defeated in the elections.

Assets meet legal reality

Every day, Trump’s public position that the president can still win the elections is further clouded by the events at the ballot box.

In addition to Biden’s victory in Arizona, the president is following the trail in Georgia, where the recount begins with 14,000 votes – a cushion for Biden that is unlikely to be torn down. The CNN White House team reported Thursday that Trump rested hours and days between allegations of improbable legal claims and a confession that they were unlikely to succeed.

Biden’s political choreography – including Ron Clayne’s name as White House chief of staff last Wednesday – and his departure to the family’s beach house to relax after the election should have indicated in the meantime that his turnout in power was guaranteed.

This is one of the reasons for the weakness the president has experienced in Washington, while the assumption that Mr. Biden is the next president is beginning to gain ground, despite inflammatory comments this week from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the government is preparing for a second sight.

Former George W. Bush strategist Carl Rove wrote in a Wall Street magazine article that the election will not be nullified regardless of the outcome of Trump’s trial.

Some Republican senators continue to cover their bets, obviously not to upset the strong supporters of Trump, who will continue to have a major influence on their party, but more and more of them are finding the golden mean.

Lankford, who last week called Biden the elected president of his church, said he would intervene if the victorious Democrat did not have access to intelligence briefings. Graham, the city, Rob Portman from Ohio and Josh Hawley from Missouri agreed that Biden should be informed as long as Trump has legal problems. Two assets of critics, GOP Sens. Susan Collins from Maine and Lisa Murkowski from Alaska have also joined the call.

And CNN’s Manu Raju and Ted Barrett said Thursday night that some Republicans are getting more and more nervous as the Trump clears the national security and defense officials of the Pentagon, including the former Defence Secretary Mark Esper.

I was a little worried about that, said Armed Forces Senate Critic Jim Inhof about the Pentagon burning, adding that he had been told it was over.

Wyoming Senator John Barrasso, a member of the GOP leadership in the Senate, told CNN Capitol Hill that Trump’s chances of changing the election result seemed very slim.

Even Senator Kevin Kramer, a Republican from North Dakota who is an ally of Trump, has said that he believes the Trump board should sign the necessary documents to make the transition possible, which it has so far refused.

I just think we should work together, Kramer told CNN. I believe that you can participate in the transition – a peaceful transition – and at the same time challenge it in the appropriate legal forms.

While Republican lawmakers are betting on safe ground – to give the impression that they continue to support the president’s legitimate aspirations while indicating that the transition must begin – some Democrats beat their GOP colleagues for succumbing to the president’s electoral fantasies.

The minority leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, deliberately questioned our election on Thursday just because he feared Donald Trump.

All these Republicans apply for profiles in a cowardly manner, according to Schumer.

Covidal peak passes continuously through

While Mr Trump has been prone to political injuries this week and has cleaned up his personal mess, all indicators measuring the progress of the coronavirus pandemic tend to go in the wrong direction: The number of cases has risen sharply, the mortality rate has risen and some hospitals are again facing capacity problems.

On Thursday the United States broke Kovid 19’s hospitalisation record for the third consecutive day, exceeding 67,000 hospitalizations.

Hope on the horizon remained a promising statement from Pfizer earlier this week that their vaccine trial was more than 90% effective, with officials widely expecting the company to seek emergency approval from the FDA by the end of the month. The officials of the administration hope that there will be other candidates for the vaccination.

U.S. Health Secretary Alex Azar said Thursday night on CNN Wolf Blitzer in the war room that all Americans who want to be vaccinated can be vaccinated until April. The targeted vaccinations will begin in December and January when the government will work with major pharmacy chains, including CFS and Walgreens, to speed up distribution, he said.

Azar said he hopes there will be enough vaccine available in December for the most vulnerable Americans and then for all seniors, emergency workers and health workers in January.

At the end of March and the beginning of April, we are thinking about all the vaccines we have invested in, and we have enough for every American who wants to be vaccinated, according to Azar.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s leading infectious disease expert, also spoke positively on Thursday about Robin Roberts Good Morning, America, of the CBA that help was indeed on its way.

If you look at it metaphorically, you know the cavalry will be here, Fauci said, pointing out the great positive effects that vaccines will have.

If only we could stick to the public health measures we’re talking about, Fauci said. We’re gonna take matters into our own hands, I promise you that.

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