Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle left their royal duties and went to America with their son Archie. They want to be financially independent and work towards that goal. These two people have already bought a Santa Barbara mansion from celebrities and continue their activities related to interacting with others. Their work leads to positive results through contacts. However, the threat of the coronavirus is a stumbling block. She made direct contact with other high-risk cases. It is a highly contagious disease and the infection can be spread by a simple touch.

So a couple has to deal with each other through virtual meetings to avoid crowds. So Harry and Megan collect information on various topics for their charity Archewell. One of the royal experts told one of the media that the chance of using the royal couple’s link with the charitable foundation is very small.

According to Express UK, Harry and Megan announced their new fund in April. Then the name Archewell came to the fore. At the time, the couple said that the ark was a Greek word meaning the source of the action. Harry and Megan have already confirmed the launch of the charity’s website.

Focus on relevant issues is a priority for Harry and Megan

At the end of March, Harry and Megan announced that they wanted to work behind the scenes of their new charity, Archewell, for a few months.

The coronavirus forced them to change their method, and they started a session to gather useful information on pressing issues such as mental health. They were curious how the people dealt with the pandemic and what kind of help they would like to receive. Express UK adds that Megan continued to work on issues such as Black Lives Matter events.

It was the aftermath of the death of a black man by the Minneapolis police. They also began to talk about issues relating to racial inequality and the history of the Commonwealth.

Harry and Megan want to create healthy and positive communities

This couple brought the digital worldview with them. They talked about the importance of building a more compassionate digital world.

During their interaction in the 100 series of Time Talks they mentioned the danger of misinformation. According to them, these platforms do more harm than good. Express UK also quotes Harry and Megan that the digital landscape is better suited to solving the problems that affect people’s lives. These include issues such as climate change, access to education and mental health. Megan said the Archevell Foundation aims to promote healthy and positive communities. This is necessary for the collective well-being of society. She made these comments at the Fortune Top Women’s Summit at the end of September.

Christmas in the United Kingdom is not on the agenda Harry and Megan

According to Mirror UK, Harry, Megan and Archie are not allowed to return to the UK for Christmas.

That would mean the queen can’t spend time with her great-grandson. And the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are 90 years old. They haven’t seen their great-grandson Archie in over a year. Harry and Megan have postponed their plans to visit Britain at Christmas because of various other commitments. Several family parties are planned, including the Queen’s Birthday Parade. A married couple now lives in the United States and was isolated there. They’re young, and before she was married, she was an actress and he was a pilot. A spokesman for the couple said that they had not yet decided on plans for the holiday season, but that the limitations of Kovids had to be taken into account.

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