The Exotic Presage quest in Destiny 2 is in full swing, and Sentinels can now complete this mission as they will be rewarded with the Tex Mechanica Lever Scout Rifle Dead Man’s Tale at the end of the mission. The weapon is cool and all, but the player base had a little question for Bungie when they discovered that the weapon carried random throws, just like its fellow Exotic Hawksmith.

This situation will not develop under Destiny 2.

The Reddit user, RedraceRocket, was among those who, as he noted in Destiny 2’s subreddit, asked that random throws at exotics not be commonplace in the game. He added that it was only meant for Hawkmoon because of the randomness of the weapon itself. At the time of writing, the post has already received over 10,000 votes – a clear indication that most members of the D2 community agree with the OP.

Community leader Bungi Dmg responded to these concerns in a tweet with the same content. According to Drewsky (@DrewskysChannel) on Twitter, he’s also not a fan of an exotic role from time to time. He explains that this movement reduces both the exotic hand gun and other weapons of this class to curative experimentation and deterministic loot.

As for Dmg, he pointed out that their development team doesn’t plan on doing this for all exotic parts of the game in the future. However, he noted that Falcon Month was a first and that more occasional roles of this type could be seen in the future. He noted that while this is a nice new tool, it may be some time in the future.

Thanks for the reactions!
The team does not plan to do this for all exotic moves in the future. The month of the falcon was a first, but others will be able to see it in the future. This is a nice new tool in the toolbar, but it may take a while for it to appear.

– dmg04 (@A_dmg04) 16. February 2021

Others hope it’s the last.

While the OP was quite pleased with the community leader’s response, others wish it was the last.

There’s even one in the comments below who threatened to stop looting if it became a trend or if Bungie started introducing sunset on Exotica (please don’t do that).

Praise for presentation

On the other hand, Exotic Quest Destiny 2 itself has received a lot of praise from the Exotic Quest Presage community. Datto, Destiny 2’s content creator, called it remarkable, adding that the new exotic quest is better than Harbinger.

Ralph from the YouTube Skill Up channel also tweeted that the reach was phenomenal. He also explained that this is reminiscent of the depth and flexibility of the game as a platform, and praised Bungie’s ability to use D2 to deliver an experience so different from what players expect.

The presentation work was excellent. I really liked him, better than Harbinger. Bungie is starting the season off strong. I don’t know how long this momentum will last, but so far so good.

– Datto (@DattosDestiny) 17. February 2021

Joe Blackburn, Assistant Game Director of Destiny 2, also announced that he will be playing the first iteration of Season of the Chosen.

He predicted that the current season would end after playing on the Cosmodrome’s battlefield next to the grenade launcher Salvo…. he would then have to play in the Prezage.

Bungie’s latest exotic mission, Presage, is phenomenal. There are very few games that can do that. It reminds us how deep and flexible Destiny is, and how skillfully Bungie uses this platform to deliver an experience that exceeds our expectations.

– Skills Up (@SkillUpYT) 17. February 2021

I was able to play a draft of season 13 a few months ago. After Cosmo Battleground’s game against Salvager’s Salvo, I thought this team did well – this season’s rule will…. be when we have to play against Presage.

– Joe Blackburn (@joegoroth) February 16, 2021

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