Disney’s animated film, Raya and the Last Dragon, leads the box office for the third year in a row when it returns to theaters in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles market outperformed New York’s a few weeks ago, once again becoming the largest in the country. Raya earned $5.2 million in its third weekend, bringing the film’s total to $23.4 million. The film had a slow start at the box office, despite mostly positive reviews. Overall, Raya and the Last Dragon offers the audience everything one would expect not only from a Disney film, but from a film in general, according to the film’s critic. Raya and the Last Dragon is a fantastic film, full of culture, nuance, beautiful animation, great acting, and a message of faith and hope that seems more relevant than ever – one of the best films in years. There is something for everyone in Paradise and the Last Dragon, regardless of our differences or distances.

Tom and Jerry returns in second place, followed by newcomer The Courier, a drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland’s dystopian sci-fi film Chaos on the Walk drops to fourth place.

How did you like this week’s cash card? Tell us what you think in the comments. Check out the full list of the top 10 films of the week at the box office.

1. Heaven and the Last Dragon

  • third week
  • Weekend: $5.2 million.
  • Total: $23.4 million.

Once upon a time, in the fantasy world of Kumandra, humans and dragons lived together in harmony. But when sinister monsters called Druuns threatened Earth, the dragons sacrificed themselves to save humanity. Now, 500 years later, those same monsters have returned, and it’s up to the lone warrior to track down the last dragon and stop the Druuns once and for all.

Paradise and the Last Dragon is directed by Don Hall and Carlos Lopez Estrada. The cast of the film includes Kelly Marie Tran, Awkwafina, Izaak Wang, Gemma Chan, Danielle Dae Kim, Benedict Wong, Sandra Oh, Talia Tran, Lucille Sun and Alan Tudyk.

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2. Tom and Jerry

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

  • fourth week
  • Weekend: $3.8 million.
  • Total: $33.6 million.

The legendary rivalry erupts again when Jerry moves into New York’s finest hotel on the eve of the wedding of the century, forcing a desperate event planner to hire Tom to get rid of him. As a result, the escalating battle between the cats and the mice soon threatens to destroy her career, her marriage, and even the hotel itself.

Tom and Jerry directed by Tim Story. The cast includes Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Colin Jost, Rob Delaney and Ken Jeong.

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3. Courier

(Photo: Roadside Attractions)

  • Opening weekend
  • Total: $2 million.

The true story of a British businessman who unwittingly becomes involved in one of the greatest international conflicts in history. The two men form an unlikely partnership with a Soviet officer hoping to avoid a nuclear confrontation, and work together to provide crucial information to defuse the Cuban missile crisis.

The Courier is headed by Dominic Cook. The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel Brosnahan, Jesse Buckley and Angus Wright.

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4. Chaos walking

(Photo: Lionsgate)

  • third week
  • Weekend: $3.8 million.
  • Total: $9.69 million.

In Prentisstown, Todd was led to believe that Spackle had released a bacillus that was killing all the women and stirring up the rest of the men. When he finds a quiet spot in the swamp, his surrogate parents immediately tell him to flee, leaving him with only a map of the New World, a message, and many unanswered questions. He soon discovers the source of this silence: a girl named Viola.

Chaos Walking is directed by Doug Liman to a screenplay by Patrick Ness and Christopher Ford, based on Ness’ 2008 novel The Knife Never Letts Go, part of the first Chaos Walking trilogy. The film stars Daisy Ridley, Tom Holland, Mads Mikkelsen, Damian Bichir, Cynthia Erivo, Nick Jonas and David Oyelowo,

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5. Kruda: New century

(Photo: DreamWorks Animation)

  • Week 17
  • Weekend: $620,000
  • Total: $55.2 million.

In search of a safer place to live, the prehistoric Crowd family discovers an idyllic walled paradise that meets all their needs. Unfortunately, they also have to learn to live with the Lettermen, a family that is a few rungs above the Croods on the evolutionary ladder. As tension grows between their new neighbors, a new threat soon drives both clans into an epic adventure that forces them to embrace their differences, draw strength from each other, and survive together.

Kroods: Directed by: Joel Crawford to a screenplay by Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman, Paul Fisher and Bob Logan. The film’s cast includes Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Clark Duke, Cloris Leachman, Peter Dinklage, Leslie Mann and Kelly Marie Tran.

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6. Boogie

(Photo: Focus Features)

  • third week
  • Weekend: $600,000
  • Total: $3.2 million.

Alfred Boogie Chin, a basketball phenom in Queens, New York, dreams of one day playing in the NBA. While his parents push him to get a scholarship to an elite university, Boogie must find a way to navigate a new girl, high school, competitors in the field, and the weight of expectations.

Boogie was written and directed by Eddie Huang. The cast of the film includes Taylor Takahashi, Taylour Paige, Bashar Pop Smoke Jackson and Jorge Lendeborg Jr.

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7. Sniper

(Photo: Open Road Movies)

  • Week 10
  • Weekend: $480,000
  • Total: $14.2 million.

Jim is a former Marine living a lonely life as a rancher on the Arizona-Mexico border. But his peaceful existence is soon shattered when he tries to protect a runaway boy from members of a vicious cartel.

Marksman is directed by Robert Lorenz. Starring Liam Neeson, Catherine Winnick, Juan Pablo Raba and Teresa Ruiz.

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8. Wonder Woman 1984

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

  • Week 13
  • Weekend: $460,000
  • Total: $45.5 million.

Diana Prince lives quietly among the mortals in the glittering 1980s, an era of excess driven by the desire to have it all. Although on a mission, she keeps a low profile, preserves ancient artifacts and performs heroic deeds incognito. But soon Diana must gather all her strength, wisdom and courage to take on Maxwell Lord and Cheetah, a villain with superhuman strength and agility.

Wonder Woman 1984 was directed by Patty Jenkins, who co-wrote the script with Jeff Jones and Dave Callaham. The film stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal, Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen.

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9. Small items

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

  • eighth week
  • Weekend: $340,000
  • Total: $14.7 million.

Deputy Sheriff Joe Dick Deacon teams up with Sergeant Jim Baxter to find a serial killer terrorizing Los Angeles. While pursuing a criminal, Baxter is unaware that the investigation is uncovering echoes of Deke’s past and revealing disturbing secrets that threaten more than just his case.

Small Things was also written by director John Lee Hancock. The film stars Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, Jared Leto and Natalie Morales.

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10. Father

Father’s Movie (Photo: Sony Pictures Classics)

  • Second week
  • Weekend: $321,000
  • Total : $969,000

The man refuses to help his daughter grow old. As he tries to make sense of his new situation, he begins to doubt his loved ones, his own sanity, and even the structure of his reality.

Directed by: Florian Zeller, based on the play Father, published in 2012. The film stars Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Colman, Mark Gatiss, Imogen Poots, Rufus Sewell and Olivia Williams,


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