The violations listed below are indicative and may be changed upon receipt of updated information. All suspects are innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law. The dates below are subject to weekly changes.

Atasquadero Police Station

09. November 2020

647(F)PC] ; file reference: Rodolfo José González-Hernández de Atasquadero registered with DISORDERLI CONDUCTION POINT IN PUBLIC [647(F)PC]. 202666

10:37 AM – Julian Ramon Gomez, the ephemeral one, is quoted in PARAFERNALY OF OTHER [11364(A)HS]; file number. 202667

12:00 – Darlene Marion Moore, fugitive, quoted after MISDEMANOR [11350(A)HS], DIRIVER FOR TIME [14601.2(A)VC], LOCAL GUARANTEES – MISDEMANOR [B/W-M]; file number. 202668

12:55 PM – Daniel Adam Daley of Atasquadero is quoted in WORLDWIDE PRODUCTION FOR TIME [14601.2(A)VC], LOCAL GUARANTEES – MISCELLERES [W/o M]; file number. 202669

602(O)(2) PC], ANNEX to the dissatisfaction : SERVICE DIRECTIVE [647(H)PC]; case no. 202670

14:15 – Justin Wayne Knudler, temporarily, was quoted in DRIVING WHILE SUSPENDED FOR DUI [14601.2(A)VC]; file number. 202671

6:42 p.m. – Governor announces plans to strengthen the Portuguese oil dictionary. OTHER POSSIBILITIES [11350(A)SH], POSSIBILITY OF OTHER PARAFERNALITIES [11364(A)SH]; Case No COMPETITION OF THE COURT 202673

664/10851VC]; file number. 202676

10. November 2020

04:33- Trevor William Simmons was temporarily cited for APPLICATION OF THE PARAL OF OTHER USERS [11364(A)GS], NOT RECOMMENDED OR NEXT HORICOLOGICAL IMPLICATIONS FOR APPLICATION [5-15.103(D)ATMC]; case number. 202678

07:58- Samantha Nicole Maxwell, transitional arrangement, cited in BUILDING RED TAG ENFORCEMENT [12-1.05 ATMC]; case number. 202680

7:58 AM – Paul Daniel Cawley of Sacramento was quoted in Beautiful DAY INFORMATION [12-1.05 ATMT]; file number. 202680

08:00 – Fugitive Julian Ramon Gomez indicted under the INFLUENTIAL CONTROL [11550(A)H&S]; Case No.: Case No…. 202680

3 p.m. – Evan Matthew Mazza de Santa Margarita is reserved for SALE [11378HS], LOCAL GUARANTEE – FELONIA [B/B]; Case no.: Evan Matthew Mazza de Santa Margarita is reserved for SALE [11378HS], LOCAL GUARANTEE – FELONIA [B/B]. 1. 202686

11. November 2020

00:03 – Samantha Nicole Maxwell, fugitive, was arrested for disorderly conduct: SERVICE DIRECTIVE [647(H)PC]; case no. 202687

02:13- Dalton James Lone of Atasquadero was quoted for DUI ALCOHOL [23152(A)VC], DUI ALCOHOL/0.08 PERCENTAGE [23152(B)VC]; file number. 202688

11:48 AM – Atasquadero’s Seanna Michelle Stafford arrested in DISORDERLY CONDUCTION POINT IN PUBLIC [647(F)PC]; Case No C-422/98 202690

12. November 2020

7:40 AM – Andrew Michael Powell, temporarily quoted after PARAFERNALY OTHER [11364(A)HS]; file number. 202695

11:45 AM – Justin Dean Weinfeldt, Transient, was quoted for PARAFERNALIA OTHERS [11364(A)HS], MISDEMINOR’s SIGNIFICATION FOR CONTROLLERATION [11377(A)HS]; the case was not taken into account. 202700

11:45 AM – Raúl Preciado de Atasquadero was cited as an example by the suspended or revoked driving licence [14601.1(A)VC]; case no.: Raúl Preciado de Atasquadero was cited as an example by the suspended or revoked driving licence [14601.1(A)VC]. 41. 202701

November 2020

18:48 – Jeremiah James Aguilarlokaton from San Luis Obispo was quoted for INTRODUCTION OF OTHER PARAFERNS [11364(A)HS], INTRODUCTION OF BAD CONTROL [11377(A)HS]; file number. 202710

15. November 2020

14.06 – Courtney Nicole Corwin of Atasquadero is on the list of BATTERY POLE, COHABITANT, FORMER POLE [243(E)(1)PC], CHILD VOLUNTEER [273A(B)PC]; file number. 202724

6 p.m. – The Council of Europe adopted a resolution on the fight against corruption: CURR [273.5(A)(3)PC], VANDALISM $400 OR MORE DISPLAY [594(B)(1)PC]; file number. 202726

Paso Robles Police Station

09. November 2020

01:14 – Sarah Elizabeth Duchess of Paso Robles was arrested and released for the following reasons INFORMATION ON ANY OTHER [23152(F)VC], POSSIBILITY OF NARCOTICAL CONTROL [11350(A)H&S], POSSIBILITY OF INCORRECTIVE PARAFER [11364(A)H&S]; file number. 202580

10:52 a.m. – Robert William Dantonio of Paso Robles was fired for HIGH GRANT at another agency – FELONY [O/W-F]; file number. 202584

11:23 – Claude Regan Keefover, of Paso Robles, was arrested and released on charges of food sales/treatment [11351H&S], execution of illegal initials [11364(A) H&S], execution of specific management aid [11377(A) H&S]; Case No 2777(a) H&S]; Case No C-422/98; Case No C-422/98; Case No C-422/98. 202585.

10. November 2020

17:57 – Alfredo Quintero Paz de Paso Robles, because he was under INFORMATION OF THE CONTROLS [11550(A)H&S]; case no. 3. 202598

22:41 – Leon Curtis Roberts of Grover Beach reserved and approved for SPECIFIC CONSULTATION [11377(A)H&S], ESTABLISHMENT OF ILLEGAL UTENSILIATORS [11364(A)H&S], ADDITIONAL INFORMATION [11550(A)H&S], CRIMINAL AID [1203.2PC]; Case No: C-4103.2PC. 202600.

11. November 2020

01:21 – Spencer Lane Drayton of Paso Robles arrested and released for DUI [14601].2(A)VC], drink-driving [23152(A)VC], drink-driving [23152(B)VC], drink-driving [23103(A)VC]; case no.: DUI [14601].2(A)VC]. 20-2601

12. November 2020

10:26 – Christopher Alfred Babinchki of Paso Robles arrested and released for SPECIFIC CONSULT [11377(A)H&S]; file number. 20-2608

6.02 p.m. – Police analysis of activities undertaken in 2009 to improve the situation of children in violation of the law and reduce the number of children affected by armed conflict [9057(A)VC], DETAILED [9057(A)VC], N.B. 202613

November 2020

12:08 noon – Police analysis of the activities carried out in 2009 by subsidiary Coca-Cola in connection with the investigation into the death of a member of the national police force [23152(A)VC], DUI ALCOHOL/0.08 PERCENTAGE [23152(B)VC] ; Case no. 202615

647(F)PC], HOSTATING YEAR PROPERTISE [4600(E)PC]; file number. 202615

17.15 – Alain Michael Pompey of Paso Robles has been referred to another office for OUTSIDE WARRANT-FELONY; file number 202622

November 2020

18.02 – Analysis of police activities in 2009 to prevent and combat crime against children [23152(A)VC], DUI ALCOHOL/0.08 PERCENTAGE [23152(B)VC]; case no.: Cases C-42/98 and C-42/98. 202623.

15. November 2020

00:00 – Marco Martinespacheco, of Paso Robles, was given to a third party for the following reasons DUI ALCOHOL/0.08 PERCENTAGE [23152(B)VC], WILLINGS, DELAYS, FRUIT … 148(A)(1) PC]; file number. 202632

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