Richard E Grant is an English actor, known for roles in films such as “The Man Who Knew Too Much”, “The Borrowers”, “They Might Be Giants”, “The Madness of King George” and “Withnail & I”. In later life, Grant has become a television presenter and has hosted shows such as “Richard & Judy”, “This Morning” and “Celebrity Mastermind”.

I’m not much of a fan of celebrity gossip, but then I’ve never been much of a fan of the late Richard E. Grant.

Richard E Grant, best known for his work in movies like Doctor Zhivago and the Harry Potter series, has lost his wife of nearly 50 years, Joan Washington, aged 71. I know it sounds like a bit of a cliche; something you probably read every day on the internet, but this was very moving.

Richard E Grant and wife Joan Washington

Joan Grant, Richard E Grant’s loving wife, died. (Photos: PA / AP / Getty / Rex)

Richard E Grant posted a beautiful video of his loving wife Joan Washington dancing as he announced the death of his beloved wife Joan Washington at the age of 71.

The actor referred to her as the “love of my life” and the “giver of life to our daughter Olivia,” adding that “our hearts are shattered.”

Richard often posted pictures of his wife on social media after the pair had been together for 37 years and married for 34.

Joan and Richard, now 64, met at the Actors Centre in London in 1994, with the actor telling the Independent: ‘She was wearing a boiler suit and had pretty short, cut hair and Kicker shoes, and she was chain-smoking, which I thought was crazy.’

‘She was giving an accent workshop to a group of performers, and I thought she had the most amazing voice and big, monkey-like eyes.’ She seemed to be a little agitated. I thought she was adorable and all. It was the month of December 1982.’

While Richard said they ‘hit it off right away,’ Joan claimed she first found her husband ‘annoying’ because he would burst out laughing at inopportune times.

The Old Vic Bicentenary Ball 2018

Richard and Joan had been married for 34 years when they died (Picture: Getty Images for The Old Vic Theatre)

‘He was hyper-energetic, extremely passionate, and very open,’ she said. I felt he was extremely skilled; I can tell whether someone is gifted as an actor by watching them read and practice accent. His hairy arms were fantastic, in my opinion. I thought he was attractive and amusing!’

Richard proposed to Joan after she divorced her previous husband, and the two married in 1986.

Richard said he’d never considered marriage until he met Joan, and Joan stated she didn’t want to be married again.

When Richard went home to Eswatini for the Christmas break, he changed his mind and realized that marriage would be the final commitment.

Olivia, the couple’s daughter, was born in January 1989.

Meanwhile, Richard has often posted adoring pictures of himself and Joan on social media, particularly on significant dates and anniversaries.

Last year, during the Covid-19 epidemic and lockdown, the couple seemed to be having a great time together, with Richard posting pictures of them walking and even doing a sweet “post-lunch dance.”

Meanwhile, the couple celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary in November of last year.

Richard posted a picture from their wedding day, as well as three new photos of the two of them laughing.

‘Married @joandialect 34 years ago today & together for 37 years and counting! ❤️💍❤️🎂❤️🎩,’ he wrote.

Since then, Richard has shared the tragic news of Joan’s passing, and fans and friends have been quick to express their condolences.

Richard E Grant has further information.

He wrote a heartfelt tribute, writing: ‘ONLY YOU!’ after sharing a beautiful video of the two of them dancing to The Platters’ Only You. Joan is the love of my life and the mother of our daughter Olivia. The loss of your life last night has devastated our hearts.

‘It’s been 35 years since we’ve been married and 38 years since we’ve been together. Your enormous gift is to be really known and seen by you. Don’t forget about us, dear Monkee-mine.’

Joan Washington, Richard E Grant’s wife, has died at the age of 71. ‘Our hearts are shattered,’ says the narrator.

Richard E Grant’s marriage as wife Joan Washington dies aged 71 is a story about a 52-year-old British actor Richard E Grant who is fifty-two and played the role of a married man in a comedy movie called “Can a Song Save Your Life?” He is a widower of a wife’s age of 71, who has been said to have been described by his love Anoushka Shankar.. Read more about is richard e grant still married and let us know what you think.

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