Rudolph Spectator’s red deer lose it because of the character’s death. The party favourite was Tuesday at CBS and people soon became aware of this treacherous detail. At the end of the film, an elf throws away the toys that don’t fit. But strangely enough, the toy bird is one of those unlucky ones who get rid of it. The bird can’t fly and is essentially a bath toy. So throwing him off a sled at 10,000 feet can be a bit of a problem, you know? It is clear that in the age of social networks, people can’t help noticing such small nuggets. It became clear that something like this in a special Rudolph, one of Charlie Brown or Frosty, would inspire a lot of tweets at night. So the internet has done its job and everyone pours one for a little bird that never had a chance.

The dolls in the special offer were auctioned at the beginning of the year. Eventually they brought back a nice coin. Profiles in history talk about last month’s historic sale: Profiles in history is proud to announce that two of the most iconic and rare dolls of all time, Rudolph and Santa Claus, the 1964 classic Rudolph the Deer, will be presented on the 13th anniversary of the doll’s birth. November for sale in Los Angeles. The film has not only become a classic, but also a festive tradition for baby boomers and their children and grandchildren.

Where are they now?

The losing bird was thrown out of the sled and because he couldn’t fly, he fell dead. #RudolphTheRedNosedReReindeer #LiveTweetRudolph #Rudolph

– 2. Rudolph (@Shinynosed) December 2020

They added to it: The rarity of these dolls cannot be overestimated. These pioneering dolls are the only examples of this multi-generational holiday classic that Profiles has ever seen in history! They remain icons in both stop-motion animation and American pop culture. They are sold together as one lot, to be sold for $150,000 – $250,000.

Do you love Rudolph? Let us know in the comments! Take a look at the answers below:


we arrived in my beloved part of Rudolph… …the end where an elf throws a bird that can’t fly out of a sled… Every year I look at it, hoping for an explanation, a clue as to why, and nothing. That poor, poor bird…

– 2. Gracie Waggleton (@graciewaggleton) December 2020.


Reading breakdown

I always like that at the end of Rudolph, an elf in Santa’s sled throws out a bird without an umbrella… he gives an umbrella to all the other toys except the bird that says he can’t fly in the movie.

– 1. Angel (@Angel0Darkness) 2. December 2020


Without an umbrella?

Whatever my age, I see Rudolph Red Deer Nose
……. I’d love to.

If you remember correctly, you lose a toy and a bird that can’t fly, but does fly.

When a fairy finally throws toys with an umbrella, he comes to the bird and throws it away.

Always LMAO

– 2. Scavengers in the PA (@ChetraiderATL) December 2020.


Thanks, Stanley!

It’s Rudolph. Spoiler alert. A bird that doesn’t fly off the loser’s island is killed during the credits. Merry Christmas.

– Stanley Paul (@sshivell) 2. December 2020.


penguins, right?

Do you want to be a bird that doesn’t fly? The losing toy in the Rudolph case is indicted. I’m swimming!

Я… I think they call him a penguin. They’re not losers! Everybody loves penguins!

– Robert John Burke (@RJBwriter) 30. November 2020.


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