With Joe Biden, who must win the U.S. presidential election in 2020, the founder of Image Comics, Eric Larsen, will redefine the art he used when Savage Dragon, the protagonist Malcolm Dragon, supported Biden and his rival Kamala Harris for the second print version, in which Malcolm instead congratulates the couple on their victory. Originally this was a cover for the recently released Savage Dragon #253, but now the image is the main/uncle cover for the second edition, although the green background has been replaced by white. This is the second number of Wild Dragon in a row and the third of the last four numbers to come back for at least one more draw.

The Dragon Soap #250 has received its second draw, and Image has just announced that the second draw of the Dragon Soap #252 will be sold to Diamond Comics distributors and that the third draw will take place.

The image recalls the commemorative cover of Father Malcolm, the original title dragon of the series in support of the then presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008. While this is unusual for both commercial and creative reasons for a mainstream superhero who clearly sees his character as a supporter of the candidate for the office, Savage Dragon plays in real time, in a fictional version of the real world, and therefore often reflects the world more directly than most.

There is also the fact that the dragon once ran for president himself (something like that) – which makes you a commentator on future elections in the real world for the rest of your life. In the 2004 elections, the wealthy super villain decided that his best chance for political power was to take advantage of the dragon’s fame and the public goodwill that comes from being a superhero.

Ronald Winston Urass has unilaterally announced that the Dragon is running for president and that he will become vice president of the Dragon. The election campaign ultimately failed, but not before the real headlines appeared during the election campaign: After the kidnapping of President George W. Bush and his replacement by a bad werewolf, the dragon hunted this villain to find and recover the president. Any luck? Covering… Wild dragon number 119… …who appears to have been the dragon that fought President Bush…

You can see the coverage of Larsen Biden/Harris below.

The cover, which supported Barack Obama, was sold out and came back in the press four times. It is said that Obama’s last act as president was to forgive the dragon, who was in prison at the time and serving time for the crimes of the villain who took over his body (this is a gross simplification). In later reports, Trump signed a council order prohibiting media or people of extraterrestrial origin from coming to the United States and forcing Malcolm the Dragon and his family to flee to Canada to prevent deportation to the X dimension. Savage Dragon #252 showed that the Supreme Court has lifted the ban on aliens, although this is probably not the end of the story.

That was clear during the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, so things can change in the future, given what is happening in the United States, Larsen said in a comment on the subject.

You can buy Savage Dragon #253 from your local comic book store (assuming it’s still available) or now from ComiXology.

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