The spirit of the Bruce Arena continues to haunt the Milky Way of Los Angeles.

It has been almost four years since Arena left the club after the 2016 season to take an unsuccessful place in the American national team. After leaving the Arena, Galactica first approached Curt Onalfo with a mandate to use the famous Club Academy, then changed direction in mid-2017 and chose Sigi Schmid. When it became clear that Schmid was unable to lead the galaxy – and Zlatan Ibrahimovich in particular – to the next phase of the MLS development, Los Angeles turned to Guillermo Barros Shelotto.

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At the time, the signing of Shelotta was considered a coup d’état. There was a manager who brought the best of both worlds. After winning numerous trophies with his favorite Boca Juniors players – including four in the Copa Libertadores – Shelotto and the Columbus team won the MVP League and MLS Cup. He also brought an impressive coaching CV of his time with Lanus and especially Boca. He knew the competition and had such a pedigree for leading international stars and one of the most original and memorable franchises in the competition. Or something like that, the thought is gone.

But in two seasons Shelotto has failed to bring the Milky Way – five times the winners of the MLS Cup – to the same level as its two closest predecessors. Of course Zlatan qualified for the MLS Cup last year, but in 2020 that was no longer feasible. And with the Milky Way in last place in the Western Conference, Shelotto was sent from three excellent regular season games.

Everyone in our organisation is under constant supervision, said Executive Director Dennis in Kloese on Thursday with media representatives. If the results are not good – and the results were not good or even almost good – then that is an alarm signal.

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A glance at the Galactica’s list screams almost underdevelopment. There are a lot of good players. They are the Mexican international Jonathan Douche Santos, the American international Sebastian Lletgett, the Argentinian World Cup veteran Christian Pavon and the former American international Joe Corona. Efran Alvarez and Julian Araujo are promising people. Dan is the biggest name of all, an icon of the Mexican national team Javier Cicharito Hernandez.

Still, Shelotto hasn’t been able to get anything out of this group. Hernandez and Dos Santos did little to justify the appellations attributed to them, although the injury was one of the factors: The first missed nine of the 19 games in the Galaxy, the second seven times. Defensively, the team lacked organization and seemed vulnerable in transition situations, a point made repeatedly by keynote speakers Daniel Steres and Nick DePuis. Recently, the seemingly simple marking responsibilities in the penalty area have been studied in detail, with predictable results. The team does not seem to be very mobile in the attack and has not been able to build a relationship with Cicharito during the season and vice versa.

The 2020 campaign is not only a management error, but also a list of failed buildings, and there are echoes of previous failures, even though Te Cloese has just finished his second season. As far as team building is concerned, there has been a considerable imbalance in expenditure on attacks and defence in the galaxy for some time now. This is not unusual; not for nothing are strikers more expensive than the average striker.

Fault! The file name is not specified. On Thursday coach Guillermo Barros Skelotto was released from the lower half of the Western Conference Galaxy. Jane Kamin-Oncha-U.S.A. Sports today.

However, the money Galaxy spent on defending the ball was not well spent: With 1.93, the club has scored the worst average goal against FC Cincinnati in the last two seasons. In 2019 Ibrahimovich scored 31 goals in 31 leagues and play-offs. By 2020, these cracks will have become cracks. The Costarican international Giancarlo Gonzalez was far below Cicharito’s financial costs in terms of net dollars, but was a critical failure in other respects. His inability to hold on to the starting point meant that DePuis had to draw more minutes than expected. DePuis was good at the beginning, but he seemed more worn out during the season.

Gonzalez’s ineffectiveness underscores the fact that the team’s defensive backbone needs a complete overhaul – a state of affairs that was already known for this season. Instead, the team went out and drew Cicharito, another massive swing and setback, especially when shots were fired against the Ibrahimovic production.

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– Inter Milan to Parma (12.50 ET)

The Milky Way got along better with Pavon, who with nine goals and seven assists has been one of the few players to have earned this season. But his loan expired at the end of the year and his previous relationship with Shelotta was one of the main reasons why Pavon came to Los Angeles. These monasteries have stated that negotiations for the return of Pavon were underway, but with the departure of Shelotta there seems to be little connection with Galactica.

The impact of the KOVID 19 pandemic has been enormous for all teams in the league. This has often been used as an excuse for the team’s failure. But the tight schedule resulting from the pandemic showed which teams were in trouble and which weren’t, and the Galaxy certainly falls into the latter category. This is an area that should be considered in terms of numbers that are expected to be even longer than the usual low season.

Who’s driving? Those Cloese think he’s still out there. Otherwise, the team faces the fourth restart in as many years since leaving the arena. The question is whether this also applies to investments such as those of team chairman Chris Klein and technical director Jovan Kirowski. At some point, the Galactica Organization must develop a plan and adhere to it.

If the leaders leave, Shelotto will be the last to go.

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