In summary: There is currently no indication that the stand-alone 2,000 cheque exchange will be accepted in the Senate. Looks like McConnell’s running out of time. On Tuesday, McConnell could, on several occasions, give such assurances or allow the Democrats to adopt the bill unanimously, which would have protected its members from a potentially difficult vote.

Instead, he dealt himself a card – and only when he needed one – by putting an account on the calendar that would link the repeal of section 230 to an increase in direct stimulus payments to $2,000 for Americans at a certain income level. The Kentucky Republican may never remember. He’s there in case he needs to put something on the field. The Democrats were furious. And there’s nothing they can do about it.

Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tweeted Tuesday night that direct payments to the Americans should arrive immediately. This is the $600 included in the aid package signed by President Donald Trump on Sunday night.

McConnell v. Assets.

It’s important to remember that McConnell is currently ignoring Trump’s request. Remember, he never promised Trump anything he would or wouldn’t do in the Senate. Trump’s testimony on Sunday night was full of things he thought he’d won. McConnell didn’t mention these promises in his own statement of thanks to Trump. In many ways, this moment is reminiscent of the way McConnell led Trump for four years, allowing the president to rant and rage only when he thought it was best for his members in his own room (remember how McConnell ignored subsequent health education calls for the millionth time during the development of the tax law).

Fault! The file name is not specified.

The senators twittered Tuesday that unless they want to die, they’d better vote fast with 2,000 votes. It’s time to remember that McConnell literally wrote a memoir called The Long Game. McConnell is not focused on the next five days, or even the last few weeks of Trump’s presidency. He thinks far beyond his majority and his legacy. Right now, the assistants on the board are telling me that the idea is that it could be enough for both sentences. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in Georgia will compete for the approval of a check for $2,000. They don’t have to prove they voted for him. Bowing to a president whose negotiator in the room accepted a $600 check and forcing members to vote for something contrary to the principles of fiscal conservatism on which they built their careers is not exactly McConnell’s style.

Republican opposition to increased controls

Finally, many Republicans are still very uncomfortable with the idea of a $2,000 check for people earning less than $75,000. Although they have supported direct payments in one form or another, they are not satisfied with the bill adopted by the House of Representatives. Sen. John Cornyn, a prominent Texas Republican, told reporters Tuesday that he did not want money to be a godsend for those who have worked all this time. He stated that if they vote for bigger checks, they should be much more focused on the unemployed. This view is shared by many members. Yeah, a handful of Republican senators have publicly declared they’ll vote for 2,000 checks. But note that none of them specifically said they would vote for the House bill.

It’s ridiculous to borrow money now. And that’s another consideration, I mean, we’re just ridiculously reckless in the way we spend money and build up debt. I think people are willing to do what we have to do if they feel that it meets a need, and it is a need that we have done and will probably continue to do. But it’s just, I think, opportunistic on the side of the House, Mr. Cornyn said. If they think they’ve got it now, they’ve got a problem. Unfortunately, it seems that all the other good things we’ve done – $4 trillion in health care and the economy, including those same people – are being outvoted.

Stay connected

We must never rule anything out. The dynamics are changing. If one of the polls in Georgia changes enough that McConnell thinks he should give Purdue and Loeffler a vote, he will. And now he’s got one in his diary. Mr. Corn summed it up well when he was asked if he thought the checks would work: I’ve stopped making predictions. I didn’t think I’d be here today either. Well, I don’t know. I don’t know the answer.

In the meantime: At least one objection to a final vote on the repeal of the National Defence Authorisation Act. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has been unwilling to go back on his demands for a guaranteed election audit. The senators will then return for a procedural vote on Wednesday night at 5:00 p.m. IT. This vote is purely procedural. The final vote on the withdrawal may last until Saturday if Mr. Sanders continues to filibuster. Eventually it will be over. The only question is how long it will take.

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