The University of Arizona has received nine misconduct charges, including five first-level, the most serious under NCAA rules, after years of research into its men’s basketball program, ESPN sources confirmed Sunday.

On Sunday, The Athletic, who first reported the number of charges, also reported that Arizona was charged with a lack of institutional control and governance and that Wildcats coach Sean Miller was charged with a lack of control by the head coach.

Athletic indicated that it received information from a letter from Arizona’s external consultant, Paul Kelly, to the NCAA requesting referral to the Independent Accountability Resolution Process (IARP), which was created to handle complex cases.


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Arizona state officials admitted on Friday that they had been informed by the NCAA of the charges against them, but refused to release them or provide detailed information.

A special session of the Arizona Regents is scheduled for Monday.

Athletic reported that Wildcat’s female swimming and jumping coach, Ogi Bush, has also been charged with control violations by the head coach.

Arizona is the eighth university to publicly acknowledge receipt of an NCAA notification regarding allegations of information obtained in the course of a federal investigation into bribery and other misconduct at a basketball school joining Kansas, Louisville, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, TCU and SSC.

NCAA law enforcement also in charge of LSU coach will assist Wade in arranging or offering unacceptable payments to at least 11 potential recruits or others in their entourage, according to documents received by ESPN in August. The USL case is also being handled by MAPI, as are the cases relating to Kansas, Louisville and North Carolina.

According to sources previously reported by ESPN, Alabama, Auburn and Creighton, an investigation is also underway, but none of these schools has confirmed receipt of the complaint.

Oklahoma is the only program sanctioned so far. In June, the NCAA Injury Committee imposed a three-year suspended sentence on the cowboys and forbade them from participating in post-season tournaments this season. The fines were imposed on former assistant head coach Lamont Evans for a Level 1 offense, who was sentenced to three months imprisonment in June 2019 for accepting bribes of between $18,150 and $22,000.

TUN, which also reduced the scholarships and paid a fine, appealed against the sanctions. The NCAA also fined Evans 10 years for the show.

Former Arizona assistant coach Emanuel Book Richardson is one of four former assistant coaches who pleaded guilty to a national corruption case. He pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to bribe after plaintiff accused him of taking $20,000 to direct players from Arizona to certain managers and financial advisors once they became professionals. The judge gave him a suspended sentence of three months and two years.

During one of the federal criminal trials, the plaintiff listened to a tape from the jury in which Richardson told prospective manager Christian Dawkins that Miller Deandra paid Ayton $10,000 a month at the former Wildcats Star Center while he was enrolled at school.

Dawkins and Richardson discussed how to include Ayton as a customer in Dawkins’ young sports management company.

Speaking of Ayton, Richardson told Dawkins that Sean had to step aside [explanation] and make us work.

We want to see how Sean plays, Dawkins said.

You know what he bought for a month? Richardson asked.

What’s he doing? Dawkins asked.

I told you… 10, answered Richardson.

He put real money in it, Dawkins said. He told me he was going to be killed.

But it’s his fault, Mr Richardson said.

During the same recording, Dawkins pointed out that the then wild cat caretaker, Rawl Alkins, had also received inappropriate benefits while playing in Arizona.

You already know that she and Sean are taking care of Rowl, Dawkins said.

In the HBO documentary released earlier this year, Dawkins said the book was true to Sean. Arizona was certainly more open to… eventually.

When Director Pete Kondelis asked Dawkins about his talk with Richardson about Eaton, Dawkins replied that it was Sean who financed the situation with Deandra Eaton.

Miller refused to pay Ayton, who was the first player in the 2018 NBA draft, or any other player who signed with Arizona.

I’ve never done it before and I never will, Miller said at a press conference in March 2018.

When Kondelis asked Dawkins about Miller’s comments at the press conference, Dawkins replied,

When Sean Miller gave that press conference, I literally thought about the book, and I thought… Sean should have his own, like a movie agent or a manager, like he should be an actor. It was a very high level… I was convinced, frankly.

When Kondelis Dawkins asked if Miller was telling the truth, he answered: When Sean Miller gave a press conference and said that an Arizona player had received money before, or if he knew something about an Arizona player who had received money, was he lying? Yeah, that’s not true.

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