Quinton de Cock and Johnny Burstow England defeated South Africa 3-0 in the Twenty20 Series, which ended before the cancellation of the one-day international tournament.

The English tour to South Africa was cancelled after a series of positive tests for the coronavirus.

The South African player and two hotel employees tested positive, while in England they say that two members of their group returned with an unconfirmed positive result.

The Twenty20 series with three games has ended, but the series with three games in one day has been postponed.

The statement indicates that the tour was cancelled to ensure the health and mental and physical well-being of the players.

England is still waiting for the ratification of their positive tests and both victims will be tested again on Monday.

The results will not be available until Tuesday and tourists will not leave South Africa until they have been accepted.

The Cricket Council of England and Wales (ECB) and Cricket South Africa (CSA) said they would consider postponing the ODI’s that are part of the International Cricket Council Super League.

said Tom Harrison, Director General of the ECB: We have always believed that the welfare of our stakeholders and management is of the utmost importance.

We were concerned about the possible impact of recent events on the well-being of the group. Therefore, after consultation with Cricket South Africa, we have jointly decided to postpone the last games of the series in the interest of the welfare of the players.

Kugandri Govender, acting CEO of CSA, said that the impact of recent events on the mental health of all participants is a concern that we, as CSA or BCE, do not take lightly, and that the decision to postpone the visit is the most responsible and sensible course of action for us.

England denies that practice alone has contributed to the spread of the virus.

England has also made a statement rejecting any suggestion that the use of networks in Newland, Cape Town, is one of the factors that led to the epidemic and stating that its decision to use networks is the result of the use of unacceptable facilities.

England used the networks on Thursday on the eve of Friday’s first ODI, which was cancelled after the South African player tested positive for the coronavirus.

The nets are located close to the construction site, at the end of Kelvinstraße, and were not intended for use in mass production.

When we arrived in Newlands on the 3rd day. In December we reported that the three nets provided on the main field are not the standard for good practice, England said.

We asked Cricket South Africa to use the training network and create a safety cordon to ensure the safety of players and coaches at the entrance of the facility, as they did on January 28th. November has arrived.

This was confirmed by the English security team, the team leader and the team doctor. We were satisfied with this result and were able to train safely on a clean surface.

From positive tests to an aborted tour – how it’s all developed

On Monday morning, two anonymous members of the English party who tested positive on Covida-19 isolated themselves in their hotel rooms in Cape Town.

While at one point, on Sunday, all players and staff were isolated, those with negative test results were allowed to use the open spaces on Monday.

The hotel is part of the bubble where the series took place and where the players will only train and play.

All three games in the T20 series were unaffected, although two South African players tested positive for the Coronavirus and two other players were isolated.

However, Friday’s first international day was postponed when an anonymous player from South Africa returned with a positive test result, and Sunday’s match was cancelled after the hotel staff had tested positive.

Later on Sunday, England announced that two members of their tour band had tested positive.

England then stated that the decision on the rest of the games in the series will be taken after the independent confirmation of the positive tests.

However, on Sunday the race was cancelled and on Monday the tour was stopped.

This was England’s first trip abroad, her trip to Sri Lanka was interrupted in March by the spread of the pandemic.

England was able to fill their entire summer match schedule by playing in a biologically safe environment on the fields of Manchester and Southampton.

In the new year they are on the program for a tour to Sri Lanka and India, and on 2. The unit will leave the United Kingdom on 1 January.

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