If looking for a reliable VPN service, iTop VPN is ideal. An endearing thing about this program is the many features it has, which many previous users attest to. If you are a beginner, you may have difficulty learning how to use this utility.

Relief is that it is a very convenient VPN for windows, and you need a few trials to know how to use it. For your convenience, we give you a guide on using this VPN service if you are a beginner.

Visit The Site

The first step is visiting the online platform and checking out the product. It is advisable to visit the blog section, which is home to several articles that will tell you more about this utility. The pieces will also guide you on using the VPN service.

Download The VPN

If you love what you see on the website, you proceed to download the program. It is an effortless process that requires you to pick the correct version of this program compatible with your device. iTop has a free VPN version, which you can start with as a beginner.

Download this version, which will be fast, as it is light. With this utility on your device, you launch it and start enjoying the resources it has to offer.

Picking A Premium Plan

The free version of the VPN should be a temporary solution. If you want to get more resources from this tool, you must subscribe to a premium plan. iTop VPN has three premium plans that you may consider. They are the 12-month, 24-month, and thirty six-month plans.

The prices are friendly, with the 12-month plan going for $3.99 per month, billed at $47.99. the 24-month plan will require you to part with $2.31 monthly, billed at $55.44. The last package is the most affordable, going at $1.66 per month. You pay $59.99 for it.

Below are some of the amazing perks that you get by subscribing to either of the plans.

  • Access to over 1800 servers worldwide.
  • A malware, ad, and tracker blocker.
  • Split tunneling connection.
  • Safe torrents downloading.
  • Up to 10-times faster internet.
  • Enhanced browsing safety.

Additionally, the prices are highly discounted, giving an excellent value on your spending.

iTop VPN Affiliate Program

Once you are a pro in using iTop’s products, you can sign up for the affiliate program. It is a referral scheme where you get a commission on the successful referral of a client. It is a great way to earn passive income as you enjoy the services of this toolkit.

Customer Support

If you encounter an issue while using this utility, feel free to reach out to the customer support team. You can reach the team via chat, email, or call, and you will love the fast response.


iTop is the best free VPN for Windows, which you can note by how easy it is to use and the many resources it has. If interested in it, visit the online platform and download it.


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