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Recipients of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) must meet a new requirement.

Millions of unemployed Americans affected by the coronavirus pandemic risk having their benefits cut if they don’t meet new requirements.

According to NextAdvisor, this new requirement affects approximately four million employees and independent contractors who benefit from the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program (PUA).

Plaintiffs must now submit evidence to support their claims, the Exit added, including W-2s, tax returns and business receipts.

These people will have to prove their employment and identity even if they haven’t by 2020, unemployment researcher Andrew Stettner told NextAdvisor. They also have new requirements every week that confirm they are still not working because of COWID.

Here’s what you need to know:

PUA is not the same as PEUC.



This spring, Congress passed a weekly surcharge of $600 per recipient until the 31st. July was created and two other programs were set up to help Americans in need, according to the Century Foundation.

The legislation created an AUP for workers and others not entitled to regular benefits, as well as 100% federal funding of benefits for the long-term unemployed through the PEUC and Extended Benefits (EB), the foundation added.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor:

The AUP continues to apply to self-employed, employed, self-employed and other persons who are generally not eligible for unemployment insurance. The AUP program is open until age 14. March 2021. If, during the week ending March 14, 2021, you are receiving MPA benefits, have not exhausted all of your MPA rights, and are otherwise eligible for MPA benefits, there is a transition period of up to several weeks of unemployment that ends no later than the 5th day after the end of the transition period. April 2021, for which MPA benefits will be paid. Starting at 5:00. From April 2021, APS will no longer be paid for each week of unemployment. In addition, the maximum duration of unemployment benefits was increased from 39 to 50 weeks (minus the weeks during which a person received regular and extended unemployment benefits).

In December, President Donald Trump extended the AUP and CUPE to the 14th Congressional District. March, according to the department’s website.

Applicants must submit documents within 90 days.



According to NextAdvisor, AUP applicants now have a 90-day window – which varies from state to state – to submit new documents.

Employees who received these benefits before Dec. 31 to apply (or reapply) have 90 days to submit this additional documentation, the board said. If you do not take this additional test, you risk losing all the benefits you have earned since the 27th. In December 2020, the benefits received will have to be repaid.

NextAdvisor added that procedures for recovering overpayments also vary, particularly with respect to offsetting future benefits, reducing tax returns, or other refund arrangements.

Although the 90-day deadline varies by state, federal guidelines state that applicants must submit documents within 90 days of the date of the request or the date a person is directed by a state agency to submit the documents (whichever is later), NextAdvisor adds.

For those between 31 years old. January and the due date in March, they have 3 weeks, according to NextAdivor.

Some claimants may already be submitting certain documents.


GettyThe U.S. Department of Labor building in Washington, D.C.

NextAdvisor indicated that some people may have already submitted some of the new required documents.

Some people who were entitled to more than the minimum NPA payment (because the income loss was greater) have already had to file these documents, the agency said.

However, if you have only received the minimum amount of UAP benefits, which is 50% of what you normally earn, you will likely need to complete additional documentation with your state to continue receiving benefits and to avoid having to repay your benefits if you have already received them.

To learn more about your status as an AUP candidate and your state’s requirements, visit your state’s Department of Labor website.

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