While your special day is approaching, there are several other things you need to consider. Apart from you and your better half, the guests are other people you need to pay keen attention to. And the best way to do that is by ensuring that they have the best food to eat. Having a clue of the average wedding catering costs can help you in making the preparations.

It is worth mentioning that it is nearly impossible determining the precise cost of wedding catering. Many factors influence the cost. Hence, you need to consider these factors carefully before you arrive at a final estimate. However, while making your estimation, ensure giving your guests the most memorable treatments remain a priority.

In this comprehensive piece, how much wedding catering costs, the amount on average, and other additional perks are highlighted. To get a full grasp, ensure you read to the end.

Understanding the Basics

Invariably every aspect of human life has witnessed significant changes over the years. In the same vein, weddings have seen significant changes as couples do not only make plans for their dresses, but also for the food they will be offering their guests. They pay rapt attention to the taste and quality of the food. They are so mindful of what they put before their guests knowing fully well such memories take time to expire.

When it comes to wedding catering, there are different ways to go about it, especially in the modern era. The options include interactive cuisine stations, BBQs, and food trucks. To help you make the right choice, the subsequent paragraphs will focus on how much wedding catering will cost.

The Average Wedding Catering Costs

Without mincing words, your location determines how much you’ll be spending on wedding catering. Not only that. The number of people you will be inviting also plays a significant role. The shift in wedding trends is another factor to consider. As these trends continue to change, the costs continue to rise.

In Australia, for instance, the average wedding catering cost was about $9891 as of 2020. Considering the previous year’s cost, this was a 2 percent increase. Therefore, if you are expecting 100 guests on your big day, you need approximately $100 per person. However, with other minor expenses incurred on staffing, venue, and rentals, the figure will likely increase by $60.

With Australian states in view, below are the average wedding catering costs in some states.

●      Queensland: $5,574

●     SA: $6,322

●     ACT: $7,192

●     NSW: $9,213

●     WA: $10,784

●     Victoria: $12,330

The differences in costs owe largely to variation in culture, average earnings, and cost of living. Of course, the decision is all yours to make. It is best to spend what you are capable of. However, you need to ensure you give your guests the ideal treatment as a means of saying thanks for making it up to you.

Other Things Worth Considering

A catering package needs to be all-inclusive. Depending on how versed your wedding caterer is, a proper catering package needs to cover some of the items listed below. In a situation where they are not included, you can inform the caterer about them to avoid emergencies.


It is up to your wedding caterer to make beverages available to your guests, although this depends on the package. The venue you also choose for your special day can dictate who handles the beverages. Some venues hold in-house beverage handling dear, giving no room for external catering. Of course, make your findings of the place before making your decision. If it’s in a place where you can come with your booze, you have some fortune to save by charging a corkage fee.


The moment you choose your catering style, the cost of wedding food comes in handy.


These are items that the venue sometimes cannot provide. They can include tables, chairs, glassware, dishes, and others. Your choice of wedding package also plays an integral role here.


The bartenders, chefs, and waiting staff fall under this category. The wedding style dictates the staffing. For example, catering styles such as a buffet or food truck require fewer servers since they involve more interactive food preparations.

Wrap Up

While making plans for the venue to hold your special day alongside you and your spouse’s dresses, do not leave food out of the checklist. To determine how to treat your guests right, start by choosing your preferred catering style. This way, it becomes easy to know the average wedding catering costs.

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