From Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead to the long-running television series Medium to Hell on Wheels and 13 Reasons Why, actor Jake Weber has become a familiar face for generations of television and film fans. His latest film, The Beach House, will be released today on Blu-ray and DVD, shortly after its release earlier this year on AMC’s Shudder, a horror stream. In the film he plays the husband of a terminally ill woman who is on holiday with a young couple in a beach house for the weekend when suddenly things go very, very wrong and they all escape with their lives.

Weber is largely the favorite of the protagonist Emily (Liana Liberato), but one of the best moments of the first act is the sincere emotion between Mitch Weber and his wife Jane (Maryann Nagle) on screen. As is so often the case, especially in small films with a limited budget, a couple who spend decades together in the universe must be animated by actors who have only just met.

I think when it comes to relationships with other actors you don’t have much experience with, and then suddenly you’re on the screen, I think it’s just…. is. It’s a coincidence, Mr. Weber said. You get used to it after so long that you just find ways to familiarize yourself with it. And luckily, if you have so-called chemistry, which is not necessarily the way people think about sexual chemistry. It’s just that when an actress can move quietly together and towards each other, she tends to tell a story. Good actors, they just do it. It’s like a learning curve. It’s just one of those things.

One might think that it is difficult to go from television, where he has dozens of hours over several seasons to develop certain characters, to the cinema, where he has to film everything in four weeks. That’s not entirely true, but Weber told us that he doesn’t tend to think about things like that.

I had a teacher who was a very famous actress, explains Weber. She said: You treat every project you participate in as if it were the biggest project and the greatest opportunity, because it deserves it, and you deserve to treat it with that respect. And just like that, if the material isn’t that strong, you have to lift it up and take off with self-respect. This is not the case with this scenario, which is very good. And it’s clear that his talent is running on such a small budget. But the direction is very good and the shooting very elegant. He was thrifty in his time. And we had a fantastic lead actress, and I felt I knew her very well. And so I think the movie worked for me. And you never know which movie will be the little engine that can do that. And even with Dawn Of The Dead, when I was working on it, I didn’t think I was working on a zombie movie. I treated it like a war movie, mostly. We were in Vietnam or any other apocalyptic world that people were in. So I don’t think you treat the sex differently from the others. They’re just trying to find the whole picture.

Speaking of the dawn of the dead..: Weber is convinced that Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be worth seeing. He said he sees fewer director cuts than when the format was most popular due to the downturn in the DVD market…., but he also believes that most filmmakers enjoy more freedom.

I’ve never seen a director’s work stronger than that of a studio, Weber told me. Zach had a chance to release it, but there aren’t many possibilities for that since they released the DVD, and then you get Director’s Cut. And this is the break everyone’s been waiting for. Recently I saw a film by director Zack Snyder on the big screen – it was the first time I saw his film, I had only seen it at the premiere – and he made it much better. He’s improved an already excellent film. But the studios are very worried about the time, about the attention people can give to the film. The other day, I was watching Deer Hunter with my son. And this movie, I remember the scandal because it took more than three hours and no one thought the audience could stand it. Now, our attention, we go around the clock and see that we can easily last three hours. I mean, I could easily do three episodes of an hour-long show. I think we’re giving filmmakers more time now, and that’s good. I wonder how different Director’s Cut is now from Studio Cut. And I think you should talk to the director about it.

Beach House is now available on DVD, Blu-ray and on request.

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