Weed edibles are all the rage right now. While they might not have had the very best reputation at the beginning, you now have people swearing by specific THC-based products and their laundry lists of potential health benefits.

When you look into how many types of weed products are currently in circulation, it might just boggle the mind. However, there are so many ways to experience weed outside the usual experience with a joint that it’s pretty exciting to try them.

Perhaps the most tempting (and delicious) would be the world of weed edibles due to the sheer variety of treats—and the intensity of the experience. However, it’s crucial to take your time and learn all you can about edibles before you take the plunge, especially if it’s your first time. So, here’s how you can make the most of the experience.

Do I go homemade, or should I purchase edibles?

One of the surprising things about weed edibles is that it’s so easy to make them yourself, especially if you have a knack for baking and cooking. Marijuana infused butter or oil is easy to get, which you can then add to your recipe of choice. Easy, right? You can cook and bake whatever you like, and you’ll be enjoying the effects immediately, experiencing that tell-tale high while enjoying your favourite foods.

However, therein lies the potential issue of edibles you make on your own: the effect it might have on first-time users. It goes without saying that the intensity of weed edibles can be extreme for first-timers, especially those who don’t know how to effectively portion the doses. Too many people have ended up with a terrible experience due to taking too much by accident, as edibles are known to have a rather intense high.

The high comes from the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) count, and it can be extremely challenging to gauge when attempting to make your own edibles. As far as the question goes, homemade is a good idea if you have someone experienced in edibles to help you. Otherwise, there are plenty of suppliers out there with top-quality edibles you can purchase.

Any tips before I take edibles?

First and foremost, remember that edibles have a habit of being an unpredictable experience, especially if you’ve never tried them before. Even if you’re going for the bare minimum of THC, it could still potentially be an unpredictable experience, bringing out feelings that you might not expect. It’s the reason why it’s best to err on the side of caution.

As far as tips go, make sure that you aren’t taking these edibles on an empty stomach. It’s not just about having an upset stomach due to the weed product being absorbed much faster, but there have also been cases of uncomfortable, intense experiences that stem from eating edibles on an empty stomach.

Make sure to keep hydrated, as it can help with the overall experience of edibles and cannabis in general. It’s not necessarily a make-or-break situation, but it’s a good idea to stay hydrated either way.

Are all types of edibles designed to get me high?

No, not really. There are going to be some edible with 0% THC content, which means the potential psychoactive effects aren’t going to be there. It’s a good idea for those who aren’t interested in the highs that come with edibles and are only looking to take advantage of its laundry list of potential health benefits. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the best ways to experience CBD if you’re worried about the high that comes with weed edibles.

That said, there’s little to worry about when taking edibles with a small THC count. Even if you aren’t necessarily taking it for the high, the potential health benefits of CBD products are often much stronger when THC is part of the picture.

When should I be taking edibles?

Well, you shouldn’t be taking edibles if you’ve got to drive or work. It’s often much better to take edibles in your home when you’re in the mood for it. A comfortable space is crucial, as it can help you relax and make the most out of the experience. Edibles aren’t necessarily mind blowing or anything—and public perception is generally positive—but it’s a much better experience overall if you don’t have to worry about anything after taking it. Make sure you don’t drive after taking edibles, and give it at least 2-4 hours to see how your system takes it.


Weed edibles can be fantastic, but that doesn’t mean you should get carried away, especially if it’s your first time! The above tips will ensure you make the most out of your experience.

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