In the NBA, trades usually happen when a team wants to dump an unwanted player, either to cash in on that player’s price or give a team a better chance at winning in a given year. However, sometimes, teams trade for players with whom they already have a chemistry.

The Thunder are currently on fire right now, and the re-signing of Paul George has been expected since the start of free agency. Even though they have reportedly refused to meet the Indiana Pacers’ asking price, the Thunder would likely have no choice but to trade the All-Star forward if they don’t want to let him walk this summer. (Note: The blockbusters are the names of 2013 NBA Draft picks/players that were traded for, especially to the Knicks. The “Trade Idea” is the name of a blog post I wrote that suggests a blockbuster trade.)

The Golden State Warriors are a team that is currently in winning mode. Stephen Curry is in his prime and Clay Thompson will return from injury next season. The franchise could trade one of the All-Stars to team up with the Splash Brothers for a title opportunity.

The star they can trade is Paul George. Paul George is one of the best wingers in the game and played a key role in the Clippers’ run to the Western Conference Finals this season. Here’s a possible trade package:

Golden State Warriors get: Paul George.

Los Angeles Clippers get: Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman, selections #7 and #14

Los Angeles Clippers spend a year developing

Although Paul George took over after Kawhi Leonardo’s injury, there are still questions as to whether he can be the No.1 in the championship team. An ACL injury to Kawhi Leonard could keep him sidelined for about nine months, and it’s unlikely that the current Los Angeles Clippers roster, with Paul George as its only superstar, will make it far in the Western Conference next season. Instead, they could choose to move George to the Golden State Warriors and start over with Kawhi Leonard next season (if he returns) while developing some useful players from the trade package.

Andrew Wiggins comes after the best efficiency year of his career with the Golden State Warriors, where he averaged 18.6 PPG and 4.9 RPG and played excellent defense. There is no doubt that he has a big contract, but the former No. 1 has improved his position this season and may be able to improve it. James Wiseman is the second pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. James Wiseman’s inexperience was evident on the pitch in his debut season, but there’s a good chance he’ll do better next season if given the chance. Being more involved on the Los Angeles Clippers roster could help him and allow him to showcase some of his skills and athletic ability.

The deal also gives the Golden State Warriors the No. 7 and No. 14 picks, which are lottery picks in a very good draft class. There is no doubt that this is a pretty good bid for Paul George.

Golden State Warriors buy top winger

Paul George is 31 years old and his scheme fits the initial backbone of the Golden State Warriors. There is no doubt that Paul George will be a great player for the Golden State Warriors because of his scoring ability and accuracy beyond the arc. George has averaged 23.3 points per game this season, while shooting 41.1% from beyond arc range, and he will have an even easier time with the Warriors. Clay Thompson and Stephen Curry will certainly help him get more shots to the basket.

Paul George and Draymond Green would make a great defensive duo, and it is likely that the addition of a top scorer would reduce the impact of Draymond Green’s regression in attack. With many injured players next season, the Western Conference landscape is wide open, and perhaps the Golden State Warriors will break through to add another championship to their record.

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