In an unprecedented year, electoral pressure calls for unprecedented national restraint

In the aftermath of the unprecedented elections in the United States, conflicting messages and accusations are circulating in the main media and social media, outraging dissidents expressing their views on the election results in the highest office of the state.

In the run-up to the elections, Chris Wallace continued his campaign in a national television debate on March 29th. September on the early recognition of the election victory put pressure on candidates from all major parties. The unprecedented number of newsletters sent has raised concerns about the initial count, verification and possible certification.

Compared to personal votes, postal votes require extra time for inspection and verification.

During the debate, Mr. Wallace asked President Donald Trump if he agreed with the election result, to which he responded: If it’s a fair choice, I agree 100%.

Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden has also expressed his willingness to respect the confirmed election results.
asked Wallace Biden Will you encourage your supporters to remain calm during the vote count and promise not to declare victory until the election is confirmed by an independent party?

Yes, answered Biden.

A few days after the election on the 3rd. On 11 November, most of the major media announced the election results, but they did report on them. Fox News has already called Arizona for Biden, but NBC hasn’t called Arizona yet; RealClear Politics was the last person to call Arizona on Thursday the 12th. November, Pennsylvania to Biden.

The media have predicted winners and losers, but the vast majority of states have not confirmed their results.

Nevertheless, both candidates failed to deliver on their promise to ensure a smooth process – both Trump and Biden declared victory before the election results were confirmed.

With mainstream media suppressing controversial messages and information and social media users spreading what supports their favorite stories, the human desire to announce victory has prevailed over a fair call for patience.

Despite the very high turnout on both sides with an unprecedented and record turnout, the elections proceeded slowly as planned.

The controversial presidential campaigns of the various candidates turned into controversial demands after the elections. Trump’s campaign continued in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Georgia and Arizona, while Biden’s campaign resisted Trump’s refusal to withdraw from the election.

With a record number of over 70 million votes for each candidate – over 70 million – a huge crowd is waiting for a decision from both sides, and no candidate requires patience – the mainstream media didn’t help.

After the events of 2020, patience may not be enough, but with the ongoing court cases – many have been dismissed, some have made decisions, a recount of votes is planned in Georgia, and since Thursday 12 January the number of votes is increasing. November, no decision has yet been made.

A brief overview of the social media shows that supporters on both sides of the presidential election are very strong, and their unsubstantiated claims are supported by press releases. Some innocent victims are trapped in the crossfire.

Contrary to their promises on national television, the two candidates did not keep their promises to fulfil their claims to victory, leaving it to their supporters to repeat their claims uncritically.

Biden is currently the likely winner of the 2020 presidential election and also leads many closed races in the swing states. He is not an elected president, regardless of what is reported on the major social networks or what is widely distributed.

The importance of this distinction has nothing to do with the person born on the 20th birthday of the child’s birth. He will take office in January 2021. The importance of respect for the rule of law is underlined by more than 70 million voters on both sides waiting for official results, including legal remedies.

The legitimacy of presidential elections depends on the mutual agreement between the winner and the loser to hold free and fair elections. Wallace acknowledged this fact before the election when he asked both candidates to wait until an independent audit had been carried out – and both candidates agreed.

By making false statements without trial, the campaigns of both candidates betray the confidence of more than 150 million voters and the rule of law. No president has yet been elected, and although this may be a departure from the precedent by denying the media the right to make such an appeal, it is an unprecedented year.

In the United States, voters do not elect a president, nor do the media.

In mid-December, 538 members of the Electoral College will meet to elect the next President of the United States. It’s the rule of law.

President Trump has focused on states that question the credibility of the election results and has made complaints. It’s the rule of law.

The election results have not yet been confirmed in sufficient states to announce the victory of one of the two presidential candidates. There is no precedent for the 2020 elections in terms of the number of votes counted and the number of votes received by mail. However, the constitutional republic of the United States has a precedent for the rule of law, and the three branches of government remain intact to serve the people.

The voters on both sides of this election see things very differently, but that does not change the law that governs the process.

Both candidates have undertaken to respect the rule of law and not the will of their respective supporters. With more than 70 million people on both sides of the conflict, uncertainty is forcing people to exercise restraint until the official election of the next U.S. president.

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