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In the recent history of the NBA we have seen incredible talent. Over the past two decades, guys like Kobe Bryant and Lebron James have distinguished themselves by their ability to win rings and be the face of the NBA after taking over Michael Jordan. MJ is considered the best player, and each player will continue the spirit of Jordan after his success in the league. In addition to these three dominant talents, Stephen Curry’s shot changed the game, while Kevin Durant was perhaps the second best player of the last decade. Kiri Irving is the best ball handler in NBA history and participated together with Lebron James in the first and only 3-1 recoil in the NBA finals.

What if we put these six players in a three-on-three game? Shakeel O’Neill issued a memorandum that triggered a massive debate in the NBA fan community and the media. In the biggest match 3:3 Steven Curry, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant played against Kiry Irving, Michael Jordan and Lebron James. If you analyse each game, it’s this one that will take the lead in this legendary battle.

Steven Curry versus Kiri Irving

The bucket story is a coincidence. Curry is the greatest shooter in the history of the NBA and the man responsible for changing the game to become what it is today. On the other hand, Kiri Irving is perhaps the best ball handler in the history of the NBA and the player born to be in the bag. This game takes turns with the two goalkeepers, who will prove that they are both the best players of the last decade.

There is no clear advantage in this game, since both hands pass the ball in their hands and hit their teams with big hits. The only difference will be that Curry will be exposed defensively, mainly because of the size of Michael Jordan in the offensive phase more than because of Curry’s inability to be effective.

Kobe Bryant versus Michael Jordan

Another game that will be about buckets, this one is as competitive as it gets. Kobe and MJ exchange buckets during the game, although Bryant has an early advantage. Kobe has his own rhythm at the beginning of the game, which makes the GM work even harder at both ends. MJ will make it clear that no actor in the story will disturb him, although Kobe Bryant may be the only one who can.

Jordan proves that he is the man of the end, but skillfully finds a way to choose his locations so that he himself seems most effective. One thing is clear about Michael Jordan: his understanding of how to win a basketball game without leaving the game or beating everyone. Despite the fact that Kobe Bryant leads both sides in terms of goals scored, M.J. gets the biggest buckets in the game.

Kevin Durant versus Lebron James

This game is just too smooth. The KD is the perfect complement to Curry and Bryant because it can play both on and off the field. KD’s ability to hit shots also comes into play as he forces LeBron James to supervise him during the game. KD is too deadly in the zone, so James KD will move the ball at the beginning of the game, which will end in KD’s favor. The KD gets 5 quick points and tries to master the game from the start. In order not to be overworked, LeBron’s basketball quotient enters the game quickly and in a hurry when it seems to be overworked.

LeBron starts attacking the edge, but finds Kyrie Irving for the big jumps and MJ for the fast buckets. James knows he can score whenever he wants, but he prefers to control the pace of the game in a very effective way. KD has the point advantage, but LeBron has the last word because his couple with MJ is too big for him.

Game analysis

This game starts with Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan getting buckets. In many ways it will be a 2-on-1 attack, as the game soon starts with a 10-on-10. KD and Kobe each get 5 points, while MJ each rolls 7 points. Stephen Curry is warming up with 2 long sweaters and a KD pull-up that puts her on 3. LeBron started to take matters into their own hands, pulling away from the KD and hitting the Fallaway Jumper before finding Keri Irving in the third tight turn on Stephen Curry to tie the score to 13. Here the game takes a very important turn.

Both parties cannot hammer a bucket in 5 straights if the defense becomes more difficult. Coby and MJ push the ball back and KJ misses a few jumps. Lebron and Kirry froze a bit until Curry broke the deadlock and with a deep 3-point shot lifted their team to 15:13. Kirie responds with a club shot to tie the score to 15-15 before Kobi and KD alternately increase the score to 19-17. Kobe has a chance to put the game out of reach, but LeBron helps the weak side and gets a big boost to find Kirie for 3 more. 19-19 MJ makes way for Kobe and attacks Stephen Curry over a bucket on the rim. He plays the same game, this time using LeBron as bait for the edge to drill the patented Fadway Jumper to complete the game.

After all, Michael Jordan and LeBron James is too much. It is almost impossible for a team with these two guys to lose because they bring too much. LeBron is extremely selfless and won’t mind putting Kiri Irving and especially Michael Jordan in place so he looks good when he attacks the basket. LeBron’s gameplay is the key to this game, but Michael Jordan will cause a lot of chaos when he is on the field. The credit also goes to Kyrie Irving, who is a killer and a major producer, and the game ends with a highly addictive game that goes to the last bucket.

Total score:

Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kiri Irving v. Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry 21-19



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