The Likert Scale is a measurement method used by researchers to evaluate the opinion and attitudes of people. Several measurement scales focus on people’s behaviour, and the Likert Scale is one of the most used. The Likert Scale is a rating scale used to subject individuals to their altitude of agreement or disagreement through a statement. It is perfect for determining the responses, attitudes, and behaviours of an individual. In business, it is used to analyze the rating of items. Unlike a simple “yes”/” no” question, the Likert Scale allows respondents to rate their answers.


The Likert Scale is given by the psychologist Rensis Likert. Likert distinguished between an appropriate scale, which emerges from the collective responses to a group of items (there maybe eight or more), and the format in which are the responses are scored in a range of values.

Technically, a Likert scale refers to the latter. The dissimilarity between these two notions has to be carried out by the division that Likert made between the phenomenon being examined and the variables of the means of capture.

Where to Use the Likert Scale?

The Likert Scale is one of the measurement scales used mainly in market research to understand a consumer’s opinions and attitudes towards a brand, product or target market. Therefore, it mainly serves us to carry out measurements and know about the degree of conformity of a person or respondent towards a certain affirmative or negative sentence.

Determines the Agreement & Disagreement:-

When responding to an item on the Likert Scale, the user responds specifically based on the level of agreement or disagreement with it. Likert frequency scales use fixed response formats to measure attitudes and opinions. These scales let you decide the respondents’ point of agreement or disagreement.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using The Likert Scale:-

Before applying the Likert Scale, consider the following points and decide if it is the type of question you should use for data collection in your research project.


  • It is a scale of easy application and design.
  • You can use items that are not related to the expression.
  • It offers a ranking of the opinion of the people surveyed.
  • Produces quality measurements (precise and minimizing measurement error).
  • It allows the necessary analyzes to live carried out to achieve the objectives of the investigation.
  • What can compare with previous service evaluations or similar services (benchmarking)?
  • Very simple to answer.


  • There are scientific studies that indicate a bias in the Scale since positive answers always outweigh negative ones.
  • Some studies indicate that respondents answer “agree” since it implies less mental effort when answering the survey.
  • Difficulty in accurately establishing the number of positive and negative responses.

If everything is clear to you, it is time to create your first online survey using the Likert Scale.

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