The Los Angeles Lakers reached most of their targets in low season. With the career of LeBron James coming to an end, Rob Pelinka knows that the front office needs to seize every opportunity that will increase his chances of winning another championship this year.

While other teams have tried to improve to compete with the Lakers, Los Angeles has also tried to widen the gap between themselves and most teams. One of their most important measures was to obtain extensions for Anthony Davies and James, which would allow them to stay with us for a few more years.

However, the fact that the curtain has fallen on Giannis Antetokounmpo should be a setback for the front office, especially since Davies reportedly postponed the extension of his contract in the hope of waiting for Antetokounmpo’s decision.

In any case, the Lakers have managed to keep their championship title. In Dennis Schroder they were able to get a real playmaker for the coming season, which should be very beneficial for them. In all aspects of the update, Schroeder brings the most promises from the start. The takeover of Montrezl Harrell also meant a blow to their rival in the city, the Los Angeles Clippers.

However, the Lakers would certainly want a third legitimate superstar on the list if they could, and that possibility exists outside Antetokounmpo.

Business objectives: Bradley Beale, Buddy Heald.

The idea of exchanging Bradley Beal may seem far-fetched, but the wizards in Washington won’t let an intriguing exchange happen when it does. John Wall’s exchange should make this clear, even though the Wizards were more likely to break away from the five-fold All-Star.

The Wizards will not be among the heavyweights of the Eastern Conference this season, despite the takeover of Russell Westbrook. Moreover, the backyard thinking of Westbrook and Beal does not meet the high expectations of the playoffs. If the same pathways as the past seasons present themselves, Beal could make his trading wishes known.

Rumor has it the Lakers have been watching Beal for a while. If they manage to put together the right pieces to get his services, Beal’s skills will give the Lakers a real Big Three with Davis and James.

On the other hand, Buddy Hield may not be on the same level as Beal, but he still brings a good dose of firepower to the Lakers’ backyard. Unlike Beal, Heald, given his current status with the kings of Sacramento, may become available sooner rather than later. Last season Heald took a big step forward when head coach Luke Walton moved from the 28-year-old to Bogdan Bogdanovic.

In the absence of Bogdanovich, the relationship between Hield and Walton is not always the same. If the Kings don’t get off to a good start early in the season, they can resume their search for another reasonable destination for Hill.

The thought of Davis, James and Hield gives the Lakers another offensive option when Davis and James are on the couch or distracted.

Los Angeles will not turn away now that Antetokounmpo is committed for the near future. Pelinka and company always need a third star and they find it in Heald or in Bill.

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