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With increased competition in the West, this off-season should be a very active period for many teams on holiday near the Pacific.

In Los Angeles, the Clippers are trying to reconsider their situation after the disappointing (almost embarrassing) end of the 2020 season. With a team that has no chemistry on the field and signs of problems between teammates in the locker room, it seems that an exchange for this team is not out of the question, even if it means the dissolution of their star duo.

For the Warriors, the return of Steph Curry and Clay Thompson means a return to competitive baseball. Although their plans for this off-season remain unclear, the chance to trade with another famous star is an opportunity, especially given the winning mentality that the organization has shown lately.

With the trading season fast approaching, it would be surprising if these teams would stagnate until the beginning of the 2021 season. There is indeed a way for both parties to help each other in an agreement with only two players (Paul George, Andrew Wiggins) and a joint election number 2.

Theclippers add the number and depth, let Kauhi Alpha be. (via )

It’s no secret that Paul George’s inconsistency is a big problem for the Clippers. And although the decision to say goodbye to him wasn’t easy, it could have paid off if they had gotten a player like Andrew Wiggins in his place.

The 25-year-old Wiggins is one of the best young strikers in the league. Last season he scored an average of 21.8 points on 33% of the shots that came from the city centre. Together with Kavi Leonard and other veterans he was able to develop his game at both ends of the floor. His exchange with PG also eliminates the embarrassing situation with the leadership and allows Kauhi to take power.

In this particular case, the Warriors will also send Los Angeles to second place on this year’s roster, probably Anthony Edwards, a 6-5-point Georgian defender who averaged 19 points per game last season.

Edwards is a talented striker with a wide range of skills. It will be an answer to the search for jokers in Los Angeles and a viable option for the future, which may or may not include Kauha.

Warriors add a fourth star, improving their protection. (via )

Kevin Durant’s departure left the Warriors vulnerable on the wing they tried to fill with Andrew Wiggins. Although it is difficult to characterize the experience of Wiggins as a failure after only 12 games, the PG13 seems much more suitable for a team that matures with an offensive weapon.

What George brings to the table is an elite defense, something that will go well with Draimond Green. Moreover, as a career scorer with 20 points per match, George is more than capable of picking up big numbers. In the 2019-20 season he was 41% behind the bow.

With Curry, Clay, George and Dramond, Debs will immediately return to the Super Team category and take the lead in the West. Since their big three (Curry, Clay, Draymond) are already in the top 30, there is no reason not to make the moves that are best suited to win now.

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