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We’re not gonna lie. We love old school basketball as much as anyone, but we can’t deny that there’s nothing more exciting in basketball than a good poster. These games can take anyone down, even fans of opposing teams.

In the history of basketball, we have witnessed some impressive dunks that we will remember until the last day of our lives. I’m sure most basketball fans can describe in detail when, where and how it happened.

And while I love today’s NBA, I personally enjoyed the 2000s. So today we’re going to talk about the top 10 players with the most dunks this decade.

10. Kobe Bryant – 805 Dunks

It took a while for him to become a fixture, but once Kobe Bryant was allowed, he never looked back. The first Kobe was an athletic monster and a guy who was just relentless whenever he had the chance to put someone on the poster. Once he was in isolation at the top of the key, you knew you were at his mercy and more importantly down.

9. Tim Duncan – 819 Dunkov

Compulsory credit : Chris Humphries-USA Sports Today

Tim Duncan was never the smartest player on the field, but he was always the smartest. He rarely made mistakes and always managed to use his physical tools and long arms to his advantage. Most of his models were a bit boring, if you will, but they were just as valuable and important. He is one of the greatest players of all time and also one of the most influential.

8. Kevin Garnett – 913 Dunks

(via Bleacher Report)

Kevin Garnett had an intransigence that drove him to the television every night. He was explosive and energetic, and his playing was just infectious. He could have executed the throw twice on his own backboard, led off the break, and emphatically finished with a backward croup. He was also one of the most competitive garbage collectors of all time.

7. Ben Wallace – 1001 Danks

Ben Wallace is one of the best, if not the best, defender of all time. He was able to contain the best and most dominant scorers on the floor, guard one in five and even hold off the stylish Shaquille O’Neal under the rim. Offensively, he was never a major factor, and most of his points came from layups and dunks.

6. Pau Gasoline – 1063 Waters

Although he never hit like an athlete, Pau Gasol had a crack. He was the perfect complement for Kobe Bryant when he played for the Los Angeles Lakers. After toughening up and showing his mettle, he became one of the best players in recent franchise history. Gasolin’s energy was infectious, and he never hesitated to throw it out when given the chance.

5. Amar’e Stoudemire – 1080 Dunk

Amar’e Stoudemire was the star of one of the most explosive and exciting offenses in NBA history. Mike D’Antoni’s production of seven seconds or less of Steve Nash was made specifically for his high-flying game, and you knew he was going to put someone on the poster at any moment. Stoudemire was bigger, stronger and more athletic than 9 of the 10 defenders.

4. Kenyon Martin – 1,176 dunks

Kenyon Martin was the ultimate con man. He was small, but made up for that with his fighting and defensive skills, and there weren’t many players in the world he couldn’t tackle. Like Ben Wallace and most big men, his offensive repertoire was pretty limited, and he also relied on dunks to score most of his points. Once launched, there was no turning back.

3. Dwight Howard – 1209 Dunks

Dwight Howard was considered by some to be the successor to Shaquille O’Neal, and while he didn’t live up to that status, he still built a Hall-of-Famer resume.  He was a specialist in blocking shots, able to score 30 points on any given night due to his physicality and athletic ability. He was the best big man in the world at best, and it didn’t make much difference.

2. Sean Marion – 1270 Dunkov

The first Sean Marion was definitely something else. He was a great all-around defender and a prolific scorer, even though he had one of the ugliest shooting patterns in the history of basketball. Fortunately, he was also very athletic and spent a lot of time above the rim, as his dunks were really impressive, unlike his jump shot.

1. Shaquille O’Neal – 2,442 dunks

credit : Getty Images

And, not surprisingly, Shaquille O’Neal tops the list with 2,442 channels in the 2000s alone. The fact that he had twice as many noodles as the number two should say enough about how incredibly dominant he was. It was just impossible to stop him or contain him, and opposing defenders were literally hurting themselves trying to run him down. He was a force of nature like we’ve never seen in this league.

Credit: CrossNposter

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Which NBA player has the most dunks?

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Who was the best player in the NBA in the 2000s?

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Who leads the NBA in dunks?

Simple answer: Wilt Chamberlain had the most dunks per game in the NBA during his 100-point game.

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