David and Victoria Beckhams in The Real Beckhams, 2003.

The Real Beckham was first broadcasted in 2003 and followed David and Victoria’s move to Spain (Photo: The Real Beckhams/YouTube).

David and Victoria will honour our screens with a documentary called Flight to the Wall after signing a new contract with Netflix, but this won’t be the first time they invite cameras into their home.

We remember that in 2003, when David was still playing soccer, he had just signed a contract with the new club Real Madrid, Victoria was working in the studio on his solo career, and the couple welcomed his two eldest sons Brooklyn and Romeo (now 21 and 18).

They were looking for a new home in Spain when Becks went abroad, and the couple decided to take us all on this trip to give us an idea of the insane commotion Beckham caused.

Real Beckhams is an hour and a half documentary film that aired almost 20 years ago and followed David and Victoria in their new life in Spain.

We saw the couple flying through the highs and lows of the celebrity, overlooking the paparazzi who always followed them, juggling their careers and family life, and of course the doctor had a front row seat in the couple’s relationship.

However, the actual MVP should be VB. She gave us everything from discussing sharing a bed with her famous husband, shaking her hairy legs, looking at her nose hairs in a compact mirror, to portraying Buckingham Palace as Beckenham Palace when she spoke of the queen.

Victoria and David Beckhams were in the car, The Real Beckhams 2003.

Victoria and David were in hunting lodges in Spain (Photo: The Real Beckhams/YouTube).

Victoria Beckham and David are sitting on the couch in Real Beckham, 2003.

A couple made a joke about the hairy legs of the WB (Photo: The Real Beckhams/YouTube).

Our favorite movie is the one in which Victoria sits next to Sex in the Big City star Kim Cattrall in an award-winning show, watching every inch of her glamorous creature and frantically talking into her camera: I’ve seen so many bad outfits since I got here, no wonder I won a style icon.

The documentary starts with David and Victoria going to Spain in search of a new home, but trying to find something to their liking and not too expensive, as Victoria says.

While some photographers hunt in cars, David admits that it can be difficult to be in public all the time.

When I came back from practice the other day, they cut me off, let me cross the street, stopped me from driving, it was just ridiculous. One day they had an accident, he let the air escape.

David and Victoria Beckhams fell on the bench in Real Beckhams, 2003.

David has just been drawn with Real Madrid (Photo: Real Beckhams/Youtube).

Victoria Beckham in The Real Beckhams, New York, 2003.

Victoria was working on her solo career (Photo: The Real Beckhams/YouTube).

Victoria and David kissed in The Real Beckhams, 2003.

Fashion is a real setback (Photo: The Real Beckhams/YouTube).

He also talked about his move of the former Manchester United club to Real Madrid and confessed that he was shocked to hear that the club had been sold while not speaking to his former manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.

He hasn’t talked to me yet. At the funeral I went to, I talked to him for five minutes and that was it, he didn’t call me. I really thought this was gonna happen. Every time I left Manchester United, it felt like I was in kindergarten, David said.

If you’ve been in the club for 15 years, this is the man I respected… I’ll always respect him, but I’ve always expected a little more respect from him.

Between the search for a big house, the promotional trips to Japan and New York and the shooting for Victoria in the big shoot or for David, who held a big press conference to publish his autobiography, we saw some nice short films of their boys Brooklyn and Romeo, who all look like children’s faces, and a high-ranking couple all alone.

Victoria Beckham in Pilots and a cap in the Real Beckhams, 2003.

Victoria was a big fan of airplanes and tires where you could punch your fists in (Photo: The Real Beckhams/YouTube).

David Beckham in a reverse hat in Real Beckham, 2003.

David also had a preference for one or two hats (Photo: The Real Beckhams/Youtube).

David, who sat there checking his wife’s leg hair while they cooled down on the couch together, was one of those moments, and Victoria was joking: My sister says… I can’t believe you slept with David Beckham with those hairy legs.

David never had hair on his body because he had a bag, a back and a tear, teased her.

They are touching, talk about their children and share the concerns of their parents. Victoria shows that the first photograph of Romeo’s son was worth about a million pounds when he was born.

She even had people trying to get through her window trying to get a new family bond: It scares me… It was awful.

Brooklyn Beckham as a child in The Real Beckhams, 2003.

The sons of a couple with a baby face (Brooklyn above) appear (Photo: The Real Beckhams/YouTube).

Victoria Beckham shopping at Real Beckham, 2003.

Victoria’s thirst for shopping is a real mood (Photo: The Real Beckhams/YouTube).

Of course, one of the most important jewels in the crown of a documentary film today is the fashion that goes with it.

When we think of David and Victoria, we think of their elegant designer dresses, with WB itself being an elite designer who keeps his stuff at fashion weeks all over the world.

Of course her clothes were still creations then, but we had Victoria coming out with hoop earrings you could stick your fist through, huge flying parachutes and Superman tea.

David had long blond hair and a preference for one or two hats, with a shopping trip to Victoria where she bought her men diamond earrings of 3 carats each. Yeah, all of them.

Since Posh Spice was Posh Spice, it was only fair for Victoria to give us a few stories about the very popular gossip of the Spice Girls, and the singer then showed that she was really only in contact with Gerry Horner (born in Halliwell).

Victoria didn’t have time to attend the awards ceremony (Photo: The Real Beckhams/YouTube).

Victoria and David Beckhams in their dressing room at Real Beckhams, 2003.

Victoria and David have finally found their place in Madrid (Photo: The Real Beckhams/YouTube).

Jerry is probably the only girl I talk to, according to Victoria, who explains that she doesn’t talk to other girls anymore, but not that much.

Around the same time the Spice Girls got together for their first meeting, and Victoria remembered a nice lunch with the five girls – herself, Jerry, Emma Banton, Mel C and Mel B, who were dancing on their own albums.

I thought it was ridiculous to make all the Spice Girls laugh at what we did, what we all did. We say we’re still friends, but we don’t really see each other, Victoria said.

When we had lunch, we probably looked like five lunatics, just laughing at our album.

David and Victoria Beckhams at the presentation of the Real Beckhams Awards 2003

Victoria was full of praise about the queen during the Beck Pledge Ceremony (Photo: The Real Beckhams/YouTube).

As the search for their home grew, David decided to set up his own company in Spain to manage the business side of his and Victoria’s career, although he found it too risky to travel alone to the office. Something tells us it was worth the risk.

He made a joke about becoming a businessman because Victoria said David had asked for a briefcase for Christmas.

The documentary ended with a few more Victoria’s groceries – for clothes, toys and even food – before they finally settled at home in Madrid.

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After a short tour of the new site, Victoria and David returned to England, ready to attend a ceremony organised by the Queen in which David was awarded the Order of the British Empire for his services to football.

Victoria shared her thoughts about David’s big day and was full of praise for the queen: It made each person feel special. A guy’s got a medal for domestic income, I mean, who wants to talk to him? But she did.

Almost 20 years ahead of us, and David and Victoria are about to make another documentary that promises to show a completely different side of David, namely him, his wife Victoria and their four children, the Brooklyn sons, Romeo, Cruz, 15, and the Harper daughter, 9.

For our part, we’re impatient.

Real Beckhams can be viewed on YouTube.

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