Dwayne The Rock Johnson showed some pictures of the upcoming Netflix action by clicking on the red message. In addition to the images of a smoking action star who helped him reach his ridiculous celebrity, Johnson also told a hilarious story behind the scenes that simply shows that life as a wandering miner is not always easy.

Aaaah and guess who’s too big to fit in another sports car, and now we have to change the whole series of shots. For our film about the theft of the Globe @netflix, RED NOT, my writer/director @rawsonthurber (here on the field with a new camera angle) wrote this INSANE car chase footage in which I jump into this cult Porsche and become the tough driver I am. Now, after several months of preparation and the cost of buying and delivering this car to the United States – it is time to repeat a larger sequence of car chases.
POWERFUL: Gal Gado thanks for the red casting of the billboard and crew after the shooting.

So it looks like Johnson won’t be able to get into sports cars after all the bench presses. The actor and legend Rawson from World War II continued: Hey, Dee, we’re putting you in a Porsche, and I’m putting you in a Porsche. DJ: Here we go. * The deejay’s only trying to get in the car to get stuck because his back is too wide * * Rawson * * * laughing. * DJ keeps fighting and trying to get into that Porsche like a brown marshmallow with a big ass in a coin slot * * Rawson. * Wait, can you adjust? * DJ: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. * Rawson: Are you kidding me? DJ: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Rawson: Oh, my God!

After 15 seconds of uncomfortable silence… Rawson and me and the whole team started laughing like crazy! Damn it. Welcome to 2020. Johnson fired a shot. In the end, we showed our ability to think fast and found creative ways to get shot anyway.

Fortunately, Duane Johnson and the creative team managed to avoid the monstrous size of the actor, and the chase was successful. Undoubtedly by removing part of the car or by making a model that Johnson would fit on his broad shoulders.

Red Notice finds Johnson starring Gal Gado and Ryan Reynolds in Netflix, a big-budget thriller that Johnson called the giant’s biggest investment to date. Once in the world of international crime, Interpol issues the Red Notice, a worldwide warning to track down and arrest the world’s most wanted art thief. Gado will play the role of an art thief, while Johnson is an Interpol agent and the world’s largest stalker sent to bring them here.

Universal Pictures initially acquired the distribution rights of Red Notice and plans to release the film at the 13th International Film Festival. November 2020. The eighth. However, on 7 July 2019, when Universal expressed its disagreement with the proposed budget, Netflix gladly joined them and took the lead. After an interruption in production, filming was finally completed on the 14th. September, and it is reported that only about half of the red message was completed before it was cancelled. The Red Notice is expected to be published on Netflix next year. This came to us from Dwayne Johnson’s official Instagram account.

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