While the United States is on a wave of influx, the emphasis is on the city of brotherly love and affection. Philadelphia, our nation’s homeland, is at the centre of the presidential election.

It is not distinguished by its great cuisine (James, Mom and Ischabibles are always a great opportunity to celebrate this great metropolis), but by the resilience of its citizens.

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The city that gave the world Marian Anderson and Patty Labelle, Jill Scott and The Roots, Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince, was positioned this year to give the nation its next president.

Philadelphia was founded on the 27th. Founded in October 1682, it has just celebrated its 338th anniversary.

How did these people get here? A lot of people were queuing up to vote earlier. They not only visited the polling stations but also took part in an unprecedented number of postal votes recommended by the Democratic Party because of the danger of personal voting in the light of the coronavirus.

Hundreds of thousands of these ballots were filed in Pennsylvania alone. And some still count in the Philadelphia area. These votes in and around Philadelphia (combined with a few sporadic seats in the central and western parts of the state) have the potential to convince Joe Biden to become the 46th president of the state. to become president of the United States, which earned him 284 votes in the election. He only needs 270. At the time of publication he had earned 264.

With 95% of the votes counted and more ballots sent by post, Biden overtaken the incumbent with 5,587 extra votes.

His opponent continues to sow fear and confusion by blocking the counting of some 160,000 votes, according to the Secretary of State of Pennsylvania, who may well remove him from office for a second term.  The statistics contradict him. The soul of Philadelphia changes things.

USPS Screenshot of CBS video on the USPS

Black Thought, a very influential roots poet, has called for change and has repeatedly urged the president to lie to the American public. People heard it and were moved.

Black Thought from the Roots, participation in campaign #45Lies2020.

The voice of Teddy Pendergrass resonates with Philadelphia Soul (as loud as the sound of the Liberty Bell): The world won’t get any better if we don’t… we have to change it, yeah, just you and me. People heard it and were moved.

Ben Franklin, whose true ideals are ingrained in the soul of the city, called history to motivate people against 45 sayings: To dedicate laws to the prejudice and oppression of one part of the nation to the other is certainly the most flawed and evil policy. The equal sharing of protection, rights, privileges and benefits is what each party is and should be entitled to.

But above all, the soul of Philadelphia, the spirit that mobilized millions of people, tells us how they used the American Post Office, which in 1753 was put under the supervision of Brother Ben Franklin (if not created) and in 1775 was founded by the new nation as part of life. In a deliberate attack on the fair and just electoral process that makes this country democratic, the current president has attempted to dismantle the United States Postal Service (USPS) in order to prevent an absence from these elections.

Trump said you [Democrats] want $25 billion in the mail. Now they need that money so the post office can work to get all those millions and millions of ballots. But if they don’t get those two positions it means you can’t get a universal mailbox vote because they aren’t equipped for that.

But his fear and blatant lies did not reach those who were freed from the pit of Shulkil. People wanted nothing but change.

And maybe that’s exactly what happened.

Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia

The game contains four states: Georgia (which turned blue thanks to the efforts of Stacy Abrams, the protégé of the recently deceased Congressman John Lewis, and her campaign of loyal struggle to increase attendance), Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Of the states that still count votes, only North Carolina has Donald Trump in front of them.

The morning of the 6th. In November, Vice President Biden took over Pennsylvania’s operations.

Rate Vice President Joe Biden

Before the initiative was taken, the ugliness of the campaign was revealed in the silence of the night. The FBI arrested two Trump supporters on gun charges after they learned that people from the country had come to town to injure volunteers who were actually counting votes at the center where the ballots were counted. In the silver Hummer truck these anti-Americans had weapons and were planning to use them in the conference center to prevent the vote. Fortunately, they were arrested and locked up. This conspiracy is reminiscent of the people who planned to kidnap the Democratic Governor of Michigan because he wasn’t on the president’s side.

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As the voices come in, and even after the recount, Pennsylvania will stand firm against those who withdraw.

There’s gonna be a new president. Born in this proud state (only the second since James Buchanan in 1791), his name was Joe Biden.

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