A warrant filed on behalf of Justice Alito and submitted to the court was denied, the court wrote, rejecting an attempt by Pennsylvania Republicans to block, with the president’s blessing, confirmation of the results of the 2020 Commonwealth elections. President-elect Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania with only 81,000 votes.

So in their monthly work, Trump and his team of lawyers have tried to find a complaint – a kind of election complaint – that the Supreme Court will consider, somehow allowing him to win an election in which he has clearly lost.

At the beginning of Monday, our campaign will continue to ensure full compliance with election laws, and the legitimate winner will sit down, Trump said in a March 7 statement. November, the same day CNN and most other major news agencies broadcast Biden’s 46th birthday. President of the United States.

Since then, Mr Trump’s team has brought numerous lawsuits in States such as Arizona, Georgia and, yes, Pennsylvania, relying on the judges he appointed for his first term to obtain a deferment or reappointment.

Mr Trump’s ultimate goal was to present a case of alleged voter fraud to the Supreme Court, a court where he appointed three conservative judges – most recently Judge Amy Coney Barrett – and where the President clearly thought he could expect a positive decision.

This plan, it soon became clear, was deeply flawed.

At the end of November, the Federal Court of Appeal categorically rejected the campaign’s attempts to challenge the results in the state.

Free and fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy, wrote Stephanos Bibas, the federal judge who was designated an asset in a court of appeal ruling. The accusations of dishonesty are serious. But calling a choice unfair doesn’t mean it’s unfair. To charge the costs, specific costs and then evidence are required. We don’t have either.

Mr. Trump’s strategy was a complete failure at the Supreme Court on Tuesday, when he was unable to convince even one judge to write a statement (or a difference of opinion) as to why the case would not be heard.

How could Trump (and his legal team) have been so wrong? It’s very simple. Trump thought the Supreme Court was acting like him: Purely transactional.

As you can see, according to Mr Trump, he had seats in the GIVEN Supreme Court for Barrett, as well as for Justices Neil Gorsuh and Brett Cavanaugh. Without him, they wouldn’t have gone to court, so they owed him something.

I don’t think that’s how the Supreme Court works. Judges are appointed by presidents who identify themselves with one of the most important parties in the country, yes. And Republican presidents tend to elect judges who take a conservative stance, while Democratic presidents elect judges with a more liberal background.

But the Supreme Court is not an elected body. The nine members are specifically intended to be removed from the daily political considerations of elected officials – from the President to the President of the Republic.

And we know judges take this super-political mission very, very seriously.

When you live in a polarized political environment, people tend to see everything in those terms. Chief Justice John Roberts said in 2019: We don’t work that way in court, and the results of our cases say nothing.

If judges are not obliged to deal with political issues – as in the case of Bush v. Gore in 2000 – they want to stay as far away from politics as possible.

Moreover, the case that the Pennsylvania Republicans have appealed to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has already been dismissed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Perhaps the only thing the Supreme Court doesn’t like more than being at the centre of a political conflict is the unnecessary injection of a case that has already been dealt with and dismissed by a lower court.

Add to this the fact that Mr Trump’s strategy of simply referring a case to the Supreme Court has always been a failure. Three of the nine judges can be appointed by Tromp, and six of the nine agree with the conservative block in the Supreme Court.

But because of these facts, it was never intended to question the clear will of the people. This asset couldn’t understand what he was saying about his inability to understand someone who doesn’t work from a purely transactional location.

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