Andrew Cotter is a former Canadian and US Paralympic swimmer who was inducted into the Canadian Paralympic Hall of Fame in 2011. Cotter is the author of six books on the topic of disability, and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows. Cotter also has a blog, a Youtube channel and a twitter account.

The Games in Tokyo go on for another two weeks but already the media coverage has been dominated by the competition between the US and China. The Chinese have been complaining that the US has been dominating the medal count, and the US complains that the Chinese have been doping. Japan has been trying to play down the story, but it could become a big story at the end of the Olympics. But who is Andrew Cotter?

 commentator Hazel Irvine will commentate 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The Tokyo Olympics will be covered by Hazel Irvine (Picture: Getty Images)

The and Eurosport hold the rights to broadcast the 2020 Tokyo Olympics this year, and have enlisted the help of a number of experienced commentators.

Despite concerns that the 2020 Olympics might be postponed owing to an increase in coronavirus infections, the Games have already begun.

Football, softball, and baseball have already begun in preparation for today’s big show at Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium.

Due to the current state of emergency in Japan’s capital, fans will be unable to attend.

With a bevy of commentators on hand, the Olympics will be aired on television for 350 hours.

Andrew Cotter and Hazel Irvine, both from Scotland, will be commentating on a range of events, from the Opening Ceremony through the Closing Ceremony.

Continue reading to learn all there is to know about the couple.

 commentator Andrew Cotter

Andrew Cotter will also be on hand to provide commentary (Picture: PA)

Who are Andrew Cotter and Hazel Irvine, the commentators?

Andrew, 39, is a nine-year veteran in live coverage for the Beeb. He is a Scottish sports broadcaster, covering mainly golf and rugby union, but also tennis, athletics and The Boat Race.

His broadcasting career started in 2001, when he joined News 24 to provide sports briefs.

Since 2013, Andrew has been a part of Sport’s commentary crew, covering European and World Athletics Championships as well as the Olympic Games.

Since 2016, he has covered four Olympic Games, initially as a multi-sport commentator and later as a member of the athletics team as well as a commentator for the Opening and Closing ceremonies.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (Picture: REUTERS)

Hazel, 56, has worked on the opening ceremonies in Beijing, London, and Rio de Janeiro.

She has been a member of the women’s Olympic squad since 1992 in Barcelona, making Tokyo her seventh Olympics. 

Hazel’s first Olympic break came in 1988, when she co-hosted ITV’s coverage of the Seoul Olympics with Dickie Davies.


After joining the in 1990, the 65-year-old went from strength to strength, becoming the youngest ever host of the Saturday sports program Grandstand at the age of 32 in 1993.

Hazel has covered a broad variety of sports throughout her 30-year career, including tennis, snooker, golf, football, and even skiing as the former presenter of Ski Sunday.

On the, you may watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympics broadcast.

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