After the illegal NSA surveillance revelations of Edward Snowden, the netizens around the world have realized the need to employ measures to protect their online privacy and data. Belgium does not impose any restrictions on internet access, but Belgians certainly have to consider the fact that the NSA among others constantly monitors their cyberspace, as they do around the world.

Belgium VPN providers help internet users of the country to protect data, maintain online anonymity,  and allow bypassing censorship. The Best VPNs for Belgium offer military grade encryption (256 bit), identity protection, worldwide network of servers, multi-device compatibility, always available customers service and By employing top tier VPN in Belgium, netizens can hide their IP addresses & location while online, and avoid unwarranted surveillance by international surveillance agencies.

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • PureVPN
  • Ivacy
  • Cyberghost

Avoid Cyber Attacks with a Belgium VPN

The number of cyber-attacks in Belgium is on the rise! Though the country has a strong internet infrastructure, it remains vulnerable to cyber criminals and hackers who employ sophisticated techniques to steal users’ information.

According to the 2016 PwC Cybercrime report, Belgium had the most reported cases of economic cyber crime. Cyber criminals can easily infiltrate networks that are not under VPN protection or other software to secure their internet connection. From personal information to financial data, everything is at stake when using unsecured networks, especially on Wi-Fi.

Moreover, news has also surfaced that Belgium’s internet infrastructure is more likely to be attacked by cyber criminals. If cyber-attack statistics spread pure panic, netizens are right to inquire about methods they can use to prevent cyber attacks. Belgium VPNs help users in prevent cyber-attacks, as the best VPN for Belgium recommended above offer military grade encryption protocols to ensure data protection and privacy of VPN users.

Torrenting with Belgium VPN

Copyright infringement is slowly being considered illegal all over the world thanks to the TPP & other ridiculous legislation and Belgium is no exception. However, it is the penalty that scares away torrent users from downloading. Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation (BAF) has been vocal against illegal downloads of copyright material, and has devised a payment scheme for illegal downloads which a torrent user has to pay, if found guilty by the court.

The Belgian government along with BAF is constantly cracking down on torrent websites and has managed to get most popular torrent websites blocked in Belgium. With heavy penalties and inability to access the websites, torrent users in Belgium cannot enjoy their favorite videos, music and other media.

However, unblocking and downloading torrents in Belgium anonymously is easy with the best Belgium VPN providers. Normally, BAF and other government agencies track users with their IP addresses, however, with a foreign IP address, it would be impossible to track the users’ location. Using Belgium VPN services, online Belgians can easily cloak (hide) their IP addresses and online activities from ISPs, law enforcement agencies and cyber criminals.

Access Geo-Blocked Content using Belgian VPN

Belgian VPN helps net users’ access geo-restricted content like HBO in the US, BBC iPlayer in the UK and beINSports in Netherlands. Websites identify users’ geographic location through their IP address, and thus block the access to content beyond specific geography.

However, employing the best Belgian VPN netizens can access geo-blocked content. For instance, if Belgian netizens wishes to access Hulu in Belgium, then a US IP address is required. A US IP can be acquired by a Belgian VPN user when connected to a US server. However, it is important for best Belgian VPNs to have wide server network, so that users can access geo-restricted content from every region.

Avoid Surveillance using Best Belgian VPN

Surveillance has slowly become the new normal for internet users, though it shouldn’t be! Intelligence & Surveillance agencies are constantly keeping track of netizens online activities, all over the world. The reason for this is to prevent acts of terrorisms at least that’s what were told. Certainly, terrorists must not be allowed to roam freely, but not at the expanse of privacy rights of the Belgian netizens.

News is censored, internet users are suppressed systematically and freedom of information is gradually becoming non-existent in Europe. Belgium being a member of European Union has to comply with EU Data Retention Directive, which empowers the government to retain users’ information and activity log for a certain period of time.

Privacy right activists have been campaigning against authoritarian control states have adopted in the name of preventing terrorism. Fortunately, Belgium VPNs enable users to take their privacy rights back, by making their online activities completely untraceable.

Users connected to a Belgium IP VPN can proactively secure online activities from state surveillance. Belgian VPN providers secure user data with leading edge encryption technology to ensure chats, emails and other forms of communication are safe from the prying eyes on all state surveillance mechanisms.


We have discussed the overall cyber space situation of Belgium and recommend that VPN is the most reliable solution available to bypass geo restrictions, avoid surveillance, and stay anonymous online. We suggest Belgians to consider the best Belgium VPN we have recommended above, as they offer the features necessary to ensure a safe and encrypted online experience.


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