Great games lead to victories. Overwhelming victories lead to championships. These are the best games of the DOTA Summit 13 Grand Final, played by the winning teams until their final championship.

DOTA Summit 13 SEA Online Grand Final, Game 2: Fearless dark crack in Abed flank

The smokescreen of the Motivate.Trust game almost failed when Vojvit Q Mecchai and his Empty Spirit collapsed at the end of the road. Q is immediately profitable and comes back at the next collision. Pumipat the fearless Trisiripanit captures the enemies with his Evil Well as prince and has Sulia Yakka Humfetsavong and Anurat Bombell Prayanu clean the house. I’m amazed at the sudden appearance of Q’s teammates scattered among us trying to separate.

The game is a powerful crowd control system that allows you to chase your players. Below us, the Midlaner Abed Azel Yusop teleports to the upper alleyway, away from the enemies. Meanwhile,the game Motivate.Trust kills three of them,including the host’s enemy. When the dust seems to have settled, Abed leaves the base and tries to push the top tape. But then came the whole team, thanks to Fearless’ Dark Rift. Amazing Abed, the team kills Kunkka quickly, pushes on the upper and middle tracks and destroys the barracks. We never recovered from that collision, which led to a 3-0 victory with Motivate.Trust Gaming.

This will be the first DOTA Summit Championship in the team’s history to be held under the auspices of Motivate.Trust Gaming and will raise $42,000.

DOTA 13 America Summit Online : The timely purchase of the Divine Ryoia catch, washed by Quincy’s crew.

The crew of Quincy Zero team
Yawar EternaLEnVy
Quinn Ryoja
Leelis Brax
MSS Snakes

Quincy Crew smokes its way to Rosh Pete, but Team Zero sees them. When the Quincy Crew returns to its triangle, the Zero Team leaves the chase. Quincy’s crew, however, captured Braxton Brax Paulson, giving Javara Javar Hassan a divine line. Quinn Quinn Callahan tries to throw down his opponent with the Rolling Thunder. Javar goes down to try to kill Jackie, the ever jealous Mao. It reveals the history of Quincy’s crew and gives Eric Ryoya Dong a chance to hurry.

The divine rapier gives Ryoya enormous power, allowing him to kill an enemy team with the right mouse button. First he shoots Avery Salverman’s SVG, then Quinn and finally Rodrigo Lelis Santos. The rest of Team Zero plays in the Sweep Team, because they also destroy Arif MSS Anwar and put an end to the Yawar series, which is a true god.

After destroying the team, Team Zero returns to Rosh’s pit to claim Roy’s aegis and deliver the Divine Rapier. The SVG that plays for Treant Protector tries to keep his base in captivity with Living Armor. However, he only manages to prolong the race because Team Zero has already won after this collision.

The first game of the series also went to Team Zero. While Quincy Crew seemed to have taken the lead at the beginning of Game 2, Team Zero was also all about making a name for themselves in Game 2. Quincy Crew survives the next two games to make Game 5. But Team Zero ended up in a disposable novel that took away Quincy Crew’s chances of becoming champion of the DOTA-top 13.

DOTA top 13 Europe and the CIS online: survives in the perfect Wombo to run the tables on Team Liquid.

This willingness to defend shows’s ability to stay alive. Team Liquid initiator Michael miCKe Vu sees an opponent at half the line and captures four heroes at once. But an enemy transport, the Inji Shad Lub, is missing. But the rest of his team collapses on the enemy and finds the chance to make the perfect wombo combination. Samuel Boxy Swan enters the stage and spills blood in the arena where the five members of are imprisoned. When all enemies are within range, Aydin iNSaNiA Sarkohi launches a wildfire to prevent an enemy team from attacking or escaping. As the arena of blood dries up, Tommy Taiga spreads fear in the ranks of the enemy.

The Wombo combo had Team Liquid kill Adam Aramis Moroz, the support of the enemy. But the real threat within is Shad, who immediately turned to the death of Boxie and the Taiga by sending Team Liquid on the run.

The game of the Liquid team could have been to their advantage if their intermediary, Max qojqva Brecker, had not died. The team just didn’t have enough damage to get the best out of the bowels of the earth. What could have been the perfect setting for her became her biggest nightmare. took the opportunity to go into Rosh’s pit and try to kill Roshan. Team Liquid came to the fight, but it was eventually destroyed. then crossed the middle track to destroy Team Liquid’s base, allowing him to win the series.

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