The light and heavy men’s department of the UFC was only a descendant.

As recently as last summer, many MMA fans, fighters and media representatives thought the UFC would drop the weight category. At the time it seemed incredible that a light heavyweight fight was the most important event.

The same will apply on Saturday when Devieson Figueiredo defends his title against Alex Perez in UFC 255. The last time men’s flights were the most important UFC pay-per-view event was UFC 191 in September 2015.

Then why the change of course? In the past two years, new stars with excellent performances in title competitions have appeared, including the reigning champion, and UFC president Dana White has decided to leave the list of the youngest fighters.

Here is a chronicle of the events that led to the division of the edge of the abyss into semi-trailers based on the principle of paying for the visit.


5. June: Early signs of problems

Fault! The file name is not specified. Despite the fact that Dimitrius Johnson was one of the best fighters against the pound sterling, he was not always satisfied with the way he was treated in the CFU. Rod march for ESPN

Dimitrius Johnson was elected by many as the best fighter of MMA 2017. Fans were therefore surprised when Johnson posted a statement on, which was received by, outlining the UFC’s abuse and harassment tactics for agreeing to his next game.

The men’s and women’s heavyweight titles will be played Saturday night on UFC line 255. In the main event Devieson Figueiredo will play his first title defense against Alex Perez. For this fight the women’s champion Valentina Shevchenko will play against Jennifer Maya.

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UF 255 : Figueiredo vs. Perez
– Saturday, Las Vegas
– 6:30 p.m. AND on ESPN2 and ESPN+ PPV

The goal of the UFC was to stage the light and heavyweight title battle between Johnson and former lightweight champion TJ Dillashaw, who would put the future event in the headlines through pay-per-view television. But when Johnson publicly refused to fight, FCU President Dana White was confused. White was so upset that Johnson said he threatened to get rid of the very light heavyweight division.

In the long explanation, Johnson, who was only one win away from setting a UFC record for most consecutive titleholders, said he had initially agreed to meet light heavyweight challenger Ray Borg in a record fight, but was unhappy because Borg was a relatively unknown challenger, scoring the first – and only – fight in Johnson’s contract in which he would receive a bonus for the film’s reputation. He said he was against the fight with Dillashaw because he wasn’t sure Dillashaw could gain weight, which would prevent the fight from being counted as a record defence of the title.

I have decided to speak now because I feel that my values and my character as a man and as a fighter have been corrupted by an organization that has only made me sweat and bleed for the last seven years of my life, Johnson said.

Johnson ended his fight with the Borg on the seventh. October, introduced the challenger and set a record.


4. August: End of epoch

To be the best, you have to beat the best.

Flash on #UFC227 when @HenryCejudo met the king in light weight. #UFCBrooklyn

– CFU (@ufc) 14. January 2019.

Johnson’s race came to an overwhelming end in Los Angeles at UFC 227 when Johnson ran into Henry Sedo and made a split decision. Ten months earlier, Johnson had established a UFC record of 11 consecutive title defenses.

Defeating a man, a myth, a legend, Dimitri Johnson, is a pleasure, Séudo said.

Immediately afterwards, Sezhudo called for victory in the light heavyweight championship match between Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt, which was the highlight of UFC 227. Dillashaw won the first round of the TKO.

Come on, sweetheart, let’s go, Dillashaw.

27. October: Trade

The UFC and ONE Championships have made history with the first agreement between MMA promotions. And they were big names.

The first big step in the history of MMA is a ‘done deal’: Dimitrius Johnson will sign the contract with ONE Championship and Ben Ascren will sign the contract with the UFC.

For more information, see @arielhelwani:

– Sports Centre (@SportCenter) 27. October 2018

The UFC has released Johnson from his contract so he can sign ONE championship. In exchange, ONE freed former welterweight champion Ben Askren from his UFC contract.

After CFU Johnson, arguably the largest light division, broke loose, questions about the division’s future were heated.

7. November: List abbreviations lead to uncertainty

Rumours that the PDU was going to liquidate a light unit suddenly began to resemble reality.

The heavyweights on the UFC’s main card show that they almost disappeared – and then there were blue letters.

Several activists went on the social media to say that they had been released by the CPS, the first of which was José Torres.

I’ll be the first to let them go. I couldn’t finish the UFC contract with the two remaining battles because they cut off most of my n division, so some of us didn’t have a chance to prove ourselves like I did. So it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. Good luck to little boys!

– Jose Shorty Torres (@ShortyTorresMMA) 7. November 2018.

ESPN’s Ariel Helwani tweeted that not all 125 players on the list were released, but that’s probably because of the way their contracts were written.

If you lose at 125, it doesn’t look good. However, the PDU cannot legally release you if you withdraw from the profit and are still fighting for your contract. So you’ll see that some of them go up to 135 and don’t leave (unless they really want to, I guess).

– Ariel Helwani (@arielhelwani) 7. November 2018.

10. November: Champion vs Champion

Fault! The file name is not specified. Henry Sedo (left) and TJ Dillashaw led the main map in Brooklyn. Michael Owens/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC

As the flypaper seemed almost completely destroyed, White announced a big fight in which the champion of the Ceyudo division was involved. He would take Dillashaw, the Semi Middleweight Champion, with the Sedudo belt on the line.

The 26th. On 19 November, the UFC announced that this battle would take place. January in Brooklyn will be the main card.

12. November: Last welterweight fight ?

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Henry Sedo talks to Ariel Helwani about the light heavyweight division and his upcoming battle with TJ Dillashaw.

Both Dillashaw and Cejudo participated in the Ariel Helwani MMA Show and admitted that their fight in January could mean the end of the 125-pound division of the SKU. Dillashaw even looked like an assassin.

They pay me a lot of money to kill a division of 125 pounds and take the second belt, says Dillashaw Helwani.

Sejudo told Helwani that he might have to decide on a new promotion, although he recently signed a six-classical agreement. I think things will change when they fire the light heavyweight class, if that’s what’s planned, said Sedudo. I think there might be a desk free. I believe the contract was signed for 125 pounds.


17. January: Sedo answers call

Two days before his meeting with Dillashaw, Jeju-do made it clear at a press conference in Brooklyn that his motivation wasn’t just to defend his championship. He wanted to keep his job for his colleagues.

It’s much more than what I’ve done, Sedudo said. It’s for all those flycatchers that aren’t long enough to weigh 135 pounds. I fight for these guys, I fight for their families. There’s a lot of inspiration in me. If I’m inspired, I know there’s something I can do. There’s no better man than me to leave a Hail Mary


Faced with questions about the future of Light Division, White was a mother.

Let’s see how the fight goes, that was his standard line.

But even a former developer couldn’t foresee how this battle would unfold.

19. January: Sedo beats the world MMA

Henry Sezhudo eliminated TJ Dillashaw in 32 seconds, the best result in the battle for the UFC Light Heavyweight title and a tie for fifth place in the battle for the KO/TKO title in UFC history.

This is Dillashaw’s first loss in the first round since the third round. December 2011 against John Dodson.

– 19. ESPN statistics and information (@ESPNStatsInfo) 20. ESPN statistics and information (@ESPNStatsInfo) January 2019.

Cejudo defeated Dillashaw and retained the 125-pound championship title, but that’s not what excited the fans. It was about the way the fight went.

Jejudo hit Dillashaw with his right hand at the beginning of the first round and didn’t leave. Dillashaw tried to take Jeju-do by the leg, but a jumble of punches from the defending champion ended the fight in just 32 seconds.

After this overwhelming performance, the division could well settle for a light and heavy lifeline.

Oh. Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

It was phenomenal! He saved the flyweight plane in less than a minute ?????.

Henry Sedo Ladies and Gentlemen #UFCBrooklyn

– Megan Anderson (@MeganA_mma) 20. January 2019

According to Sejudo, this victory was meant for all flyweights who wanted to fight for the title of world champion one day. I did it for all those little boys who’ll never make it to 135 pounds. It’s sad they dropped half the list. Don’t underestimate the little boys. Flycatcher. I’m gonna clean up the middleweight champion. What’s not interesting?

Both Dillashaw and White said they thought Judge Kevin McDonald stopped too soon and White said it was a bad end.

White told ESPN that he didn’t know what he wanted to do with Division or that he would give Dillashaw a rematch with Cejudo right away.

As for revenge, that decision will soon be out of White’s hands.

20. March: Do you have

Any hope of immediate revenge with Cejudo-Dillashaw was nullified after the New York State Sports Commission and the US Anti-Doping Agency informed Mr Dillashaw of the negative test result in his fight against Cejudo.

Dillashaw, who gave up the middleweight title in the first half, told Helvani that it was as if he was selling his soul to the devil because he wanted to do something that wasn’t done.

NYSAC later stated in a statement that it had suspended Mr. Dillashaw for one year and fined him $10,000 for violations related to the use of a prohibited substance.

It is also sad news for Cejudo, who is hoping to challenge Dillashaw for his 135-pound belt. But his frustration won’t last long.

27. March: Chance in history

I’ve been doing a countdown all my life.
Olympic gold medal ✅
Dimitrius (best of all) ✅
T.J. Dillashaw (00:32) ✅
Marlon your next ✅ #en new ✅

– Henry Cedo (@HenryCejudo) 27. March 2019.

Jejujeodo still has a chance to become the first half middleweight champion. After the title became available, the UFC announced a 135-pound match between Cejudo and welder candidate Marlon Moraes for the 135-pound belt in the UFC 238 Main Event.

8. June: Place of birth Triple C; White returns.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Henry Zeyudo won two divisions and defeated Marlon Moraes in CFU 238. Alex Garcia for ESPN

After beating Moraes in the first round of the first game for the UFC 238 welterweight title, Sedudo made the jump in the second round. Because he thought Moraes ran out of gas, Sejudo continued his attack in the third round and won the TKO with 4:51 from the third round on.

Miracle, Olympic champion leisure wrestling, became the fourth UFC champion leisure wrestling in two divisions at the same time.

I’m not a champion, Ceyudo said. My name is Triple C – Olympic champion, light- and heavyweight world champion and now light- and heavyweight world champion. I’m the greatest fighter of all time, and I just stole the title of best fighter for one pound a pound.

But what White said at the press conference after the fight is no less important than winning the Seudo title. After months of speculation and numerous list reductions – the PDU had only 13 fighters in the light division rankings – Mr White said the light division had not been destroyed.

It is clear that Seyudo’s victory has a lot in common with the split, White said at a press conference. Did I tell you this would pass? Did I tell you he’s leaving? I haven’t even mentioned this unit in months.

It’s confirmed.

19. December: Seyudo declares gold

Because he wanted to focus on defending the Light Heavyweight title, Sejudo told ESPN station Brett Okamoto that he would forfeit the Light Heavyweight title.

Fight and fight for a chance to win $5,000! Make your choice

It became clear that Sejudo would not defend the title of 125 pounds in the near future, so it was decided to continue, according to some sources.

I’m going to give up the belt, Cedudo told Okamoto. The UFC never robbed me of my money.

This was the beginning of the battle at the unoccupied belt between Joseph Benavides and Figueiredo during the main event of the Night of Fighting of the UFC on 29 June. February.



28. February: Missing weightAccidental weight

Benavides and Figueiredo went to the lightweight division in Norfolk, Virginia, the morning before the battle for the UFC title, where they had to weigh no more than 125 pounds. Only Benavides did it, which means only he had the right to win the crown. If Figueiredo had won, the title would have remained unoccupied. He missed the weight by 2.5 pounds.

This is pure speculation, but it is certainly interesting to know if the division will survive the light weight if Diveson Figueiredo wins this fight. The name remains free. Really unreal. Séudo saves him. Now Joe B. has to save him. And the flycatcher (Figueiredo) is actually trying to kill him.

– Okamoto Board of Directors (@bokamotoESPN) 28. February 2020.

Figueiredo’s director, Wallid Ismail, explained why his fighter failed on this scale.

The weight has been reduced accordingly, but this morning he had a gastrointestinal disorder, Ismail said. We discussed it with the doctor who observed him and with the team we decided to save the athlete by stopping the weight loss and performing the oral moistening with the help of a CFU nutritionist. Although the decision was difficult because we knew that it would be impossible to gain weight after hydration, the decision was made to keep both the athlete and to reward the commitment to the competition and the opponent.

Figueiredo is the fourth fighter in the history of the UFC to miss the championship and still compete. Others include Travis Lutter (2007) and Joel Romero (2018) with a middle weight and Joe Riggs (2005) with a half weight.

29. February: Figuerdo pronounces fromonwards

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Diveson Figueiredo and Joseph Benavides give big blows in the second round. To find out more about the PDU, sign up for ESPN+

Figueiredo showed the championship title, but left the Chartway Arena without a belt in the lightest weight, although Benavides crossed the finish line in the second round.

Figueiredo opened the cut on Benavides’ forehead, probably due to a frontal collision, and struck him with his right hand at 0154 hours. Due to the lack of weight of Figueiredo, the title was still vacant.

I’m really sorry I lost weight, Figueiredo. But I told everyone I was gonna make a big show of it.

After a sensational effort one had to wonder what would happen to Figueiredo.

4 March: White was dedicated to the coronation of thechampion.

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Michael Bisping talks about Devieson Figueiredo’s victory over Joseph Benavides and shares his impressions of his desire to take first place in the light and heavyweight category. To find out more about the PDU, sign up for ESPN+

While some speculate that the lightweight category, which is not yet the champion, could be condemned again, White seems to be in favor of maintaining the heavy weight category. At a press conference, the president of UFC Figueiredo and Benavides praised and said he was holding a rematch for the vacant title.

The two boys came to fight, Mr. White said. I’m sure you know how I feel when [Figueiredo] doesn’t arrive, but we’ll do it again. They both deserve it.

The 19th. June White made the rematch official.

18. July: Star pattern

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Daveson Figueiredo punishes Joseph Benavides by placing him in the first round. The second round of the UFC title in the light heavyweight division comes to a standstill.

Figueiredo is the champion and perhaps someone who will create a division on the UFC Fight Night in Abu Dhabi. Figueiredo scored another goal for Benavides in the main event, leaving the veteran behind three times in the first round and he was strangled at 4-48.

I said I was going to break Benavides, and that’s exactly what I did, Figueiredo said. I gave him the first performance in his file, and the fight itself was a great show. I’m putting on a show for everyone.

Since his debut at the UFC in 2017, Figueiredo has the most victories (8) and most places (6) in the flight weight division according to ESPN Stats & Information.

7. August: Defence, full of intrigue

After working with Rafael Assunkao in the first half of the weight, @Cody_Nolove says that the plan is to go down and really save the division in the lightweights.

(via @bokamotoESPN)

– ESPN MMA (@espnmma) 4. April 2020

The Football Federation has announced the opponent for the first defense of Figueiredo in light and heavyweight and if this fight has ever been tempting. In the main game of 21. In November the Brazilian defended his place in the first semifinal of round 255 in the middleweight category against former FCU champions Garbrandt.

Garbrandt never fought in a 125-pound division and lost three of his four previous battles. But his victory over the 6. June was spectacular, with Rafael Assunkaos being eliminated just before the horn signalled the end of the second round. Garbrandt showed the speed and power with which he was able to reach the top of the league in the light heavyweight division in 2016. A couple of this fighter with Figueiredo, and the potential fight of the candidate of the year will be in preparation.

Who can challenge Diveson Figueiredo at 125? How about Cody Garbrandt (@Cody_Nolove) Cody told me a few months ago that he wants to fall, that he has no weight problems…. and even though he wins in column 135, I’ve heard he still feels the same way.

– Board of Directors of Okamoto (@bokamotoESPN) 20. July 2020.

2. October: Changes to plans

Garbrandt’s bid for the UFC Championship in two divisions has been suspended as the former middleweight champion was forced to withdraw from the UFC 255 title match against Figueiredo with a torn bicep. On the social networking sites, Garbrandt said he could come back in December, but the UFC wouldn’t wait for him. The advertising campaign announced that Alex Perez would receive the title image instead.

I called the FLN at the end of December to fight. They have decided to replace them, which is understandable, but the fate of 2021 – I am going to be world champion – is not something you can bear.

– 2. Cody Garbrandt (@Cody_Nolove) October 2020

21. November: They fight

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In the main event of UFC 255, Devieson Figueiredo prepares to defend his title for the first time against rising star Alex Perez.

Figueredo and Perez meet Saturday night at the Apex, and the division is alive and kicking. There are currently 22 aviation contracts signed through UFC contracts, and a number of stars want to try their luck again at the title. One of them is Dillashaw, who has the right to return early 2021.

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