With all the excitement surrounding the youngsters’ last match, USMNT’s prospects – a quick look at their potential makes the fans dream a little – there are still questions about who will be the leading scorer to take them to the World Cup 2022.

While the exceptional Christian Pulisic has already settled on the same cross and Giovanni Reyna is likely to play on the attacking midfield, there is a clear vacancy at striker level. The honour has changed in recent years, but inevitably returns to Josie Altidora. He will be 32 years old at the next World Cup, not to mention being good enough.

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Nevertheless, there are a number of possible options common to the whole of Europe.

When one of the MLS Athletic directors asked ESPN who would start at ESPN, the response was brief and concise: Josh Sargent.

Sargent still has to score 438 minutes in this season’s championship for Werderder Bremen, his only goal so far this season in the German Cup against Carl Zeiss Jena in his third season. Despite being on the right wing at the end of last season and the beginning of this season, he is now playing upstairs.

ESPN reports the best stories of the USMNT stars on their travels abroad, provides information about their successes and difficulties, sits down with the best players in the national team and explores a new generation of Americans fighting across Europe.

Although his adaptability is one of his greatest assets, his aggressor is his long-term future. The same MLS athletic director told ESPN that Sargent was still floating in an attacking position. He was left with the 2019 Gold Cup team, and that influenced him – but he’s a tough guy, used to dealing with the unpredictability of top football, and he could be the top guy on the front row of Pulisik, Rhein and maybe Jordan Morris or Jazzy Zardes.

Although Sargent is one of the obvious options, some of them are bubbling over in other European countries, while others are struggling with their claims. Sebastian Soto moved from Hannover 96 to Norwich in the preseason and is now second in the box office of SC Telstar, where he scored five goals in six games. There were rumours that he would move from the United States to Chile, so that if he was selected for international competition in November, he would confirm his commitment.

Among the other players expected for the next USMNT friendly game, Tim Oua and Conrad de la Fuente are still looking for a foothold in Lille and Barcelona respectively. De la Fuente has witnessed the actions of the first team of Barcelona, but will spend most of his time on the piano with Barca B this year. Weah plays for Lille from the bench in the middle of the storm, but after missing most of last season’s game due to an injury, he hasn’t played much.

Nicholas Gioacchini (20) was on USMNT’s radar at the beginning of the year according to ESPN sources and scored in the second half of the year. Two goals in seven games for SC Kaen. He moves from right to center, but progresses well; although he is also entitled to Italy, France and Jamaica, he recently said that he would go to the United States with his eyes closed if they came here to wait.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Is 20-year-old Josh Sargent the answer to the current and future long-term mystery of the USMNT striker? Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Photos

Tyler Boyd and Bobby Wood have also been options in the past, but none of them have had the easiest start of the 2020-21 campaign. Boyd has left the Besiktas team because of a foreign restriction, which means he will be out of season until he can get a transfer in January. The wood, 27 years old, has only been replaced three times by two. Hamburg in the Bundesliga.

Another joker could be Andrija Novakovic, who plays in Frosinon Alessandro Nesta in the B series, and could be one of them running away from the shadows. In 2018, he won the last of USMNT’s three games and scored two goals in six games for the then team of his club. Other options that have yet to explain their international loyalty are the 18-year-old Folarin Balogun of the New York Arsenal and Jordan Zibatcheu, a former Frenchwoman from an international youth organisation working for Young Boys de Rennes.

A common theme here is that potential USMNT observers generally play on the wings of their club teams. When US manager Gregg Berhalter looks at the goals of the game and the more traditional strikers, the answers to the puzzle, as ESPN suggests a source, lie in Scandinavia.

Icelandic Aron Johansson won the last of his 19 USMNT capitals in 2015, but look at his goal record this season, with 13 goals in 22 games for Hammarbi. He alternated the bad nine and number 10, was ruthless and showed his best form after a few traumatic years. He is among those who can attend friendly matches in November, and a source reported ESPN : Don’t give him a discount, or he’ll fight. He may not stay long in Hammarbi, he might be interested in the former AZ Alkmaar, MLS and Russian clubs, sources reported ESPN.

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There’s also Haji Wright and Emmanuelle Sabby. At the age of 22, Wright scored five goals in seven leagues in the Danish Super League SonderjyskE after fruitless seasons at Schalke and VVV-Venlo. He started the season on the bench, but in the third round he entered the first XI. round in with Aalborg with his bracelet. Sabby has also had success in Denmark, where he scored two of Odense’s six goals, while playing a lot most of the time.

If you want to sketch the American team for the World Cup of 2022, you can expect a 4-2-3-1 with only one striker, Altidore, told ESPN a source close to the team. Berhalter generally hopes that Sargent will turn up by then, but that’s still a big if. They also hope for great things from Jeremy Ebobis of Portland Timbers, but until someone really takes advantage of this opportunity, Altidore of Zardes will head a supporting cast of Pulisik, Rayna and most likely Morris.

According to one source, these may be the goals of the committee, but there is a chance to become a striker for the USMNT, which will compete in the World Cup in 2022. — Tom Hamilton

USMNT Stock watch: Who’s awake? Who’s injured?

What do Berhalter’s players and their clubs rely on in the World Cup qualifiers? ESPN correspondents around the world bring you first-hand information to help you explain the successes and pitfalls of U.S. players doing business abroad.

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Ale Moreno appreciates the performance of Sergino Desta in his first by El Clasico, despite the defeat of Barcelona (3-1).

Sergino Dest, Barcelona — At Hillhttp:// : The right rear made a brilliant start in Spain. First in the Champions League against Ferencvaros and then in the Clásico at the weekend against Real, when he was Barcelona’s best player, he looked confident. Dest, who started traumatizing Geordi Alba, but who should play as the right, has received rave reviews from Barca co-workers. Sources have told Sam Marsden from ESPN that they can’t believe how quickly he has settled down, even though he is only 19 years old and has come to one of the biggest clubs in the world. Sources added that Dest was hastily launched in Barcelona with the promise of learning Spanish and Catalan, and immediately looked around in a game of quick passes at home in Barcelona.

Bobby Wood, Hamburg — Invitation to tenderhttp:// : At one point, USMNT’s most stable striker, Wood, seems to have disappeared in the last two seasons. With his 28 years Wood has not played for the United States since 2018 and is now struggling to make it to the 2nd round. The Bundesliga with Hamburg. He has only made three substitutions this term, a dramatic fall for a player who has already scored 17 goals in one season at this level and later became a Bundesliga record holder. Although the targets have dried up, not everything can be doomed and gloomy for Wood. Hamburg’s new director, Daniel Theun, told ESPN’s Stefan Wersfeld that he liked what he saw in Wood. But for now, Woods is growing in stature, have failed to score this season against Hamburg XI and have not scored a single club goal since November 2018.

Sebastian Soto, Telstar (rent Norwich) — starthttp:// : The 20-year-old continued his nice start at Telstar Credit Club and scored both goals last weekend at Helmond Sport with a 2-0 score line. With five goals in six races on the second row, Soto continues to prove his instinct as a top scorer and his ability to be in the right place at the right time. The biggest outstanding question is who it will represent at international level. The current product of the Salt Lake City Academy is waiting for its first high school project and could make an important decision in November. I’ve heard that both countries want me, but until I have something official, I can’t make a decision. I’m just waiting, Soto recently told Dutch NHH Sports.

Jonathan Amon Nordsjælland — Downward trendhttp:// : More bad luck for a 21-year-old from South Carolina. After Amon played his first club game in 13 months two weeks ago – and scored the winning goal from the bench – he got his knee back and now needs further surgery. The winged man, who looked with two hats for the US at the end of 2018 – beginning of 2019, got a knee fracture, and now he’s facing another long stint on the sidelines. This week’s failure is the latest in a series of serious injuries for Amon, and Nordsjaelland sports director Jan Laursen called the news almost unbearable.

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A few minutes with… Matt Miyazga

Given what Pulisik recently did in Chelsea, it’s easy to forget that Matt Miyazga was the first young American to move to Stamford Bridge in 2016.

Miyazga is now 25 years old and has recently joined the Belgian giant Anderlecht with a seasonal loan, where he will continue his development under the leadership of The Vincent Company, one of the most important central satellites of the last decade.

Tom Hamilton met Miyazga to talk about his new club, his future at Chelsea, his work for the company, his place in the national team of American men and much more.

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Matt Miyazga, a Chelsea craftsman and USMNT defender, talks to ESPN about his involvement with the Vincent Company in Anderlechte.

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USMNT defender Matt Miyazga told ESPN that he was excited to see young American talent develop in Europe.

Explorer report: Conrad de la Fuente (Barcelona B)

Conrad, as he is simply known in Spain, has represented the United States in most of the youth teams and rose to the top of the rankings at the age of 17 during last summer’s U-20 World Cup. A broad man with a seemingly endless repertoire of tricks was selected for Barcelona’s first team in September and then made his debut in a preseason friendly atmosphere.

Watch the latest news and debates from the FC ESPN television team. Full broadcast of the episode on ESPN+ (US only).

Fast, brilliant in the individual attack and with a solid balance, the 2001 attacker prefers the left flank, often on the opponent’s side to cut off the inside of his beloved right leg. The hero of his youth is Barcelona legend Ronaldinho, but on the field he gets closer to another Brazilian: ex-Barcelona star Neimar. Like the two South Americans, Conrad also loves jogging and once he reaches his top speed, he has the same ability to make his whole back look stupid.

The young American, who has already been praised by Ronald Coeman’s manager, tries to bring more consistency into his play. When he knocks on the door at his A-Nou debut at the Camp Nou, it’s all about improving team play and working even harder on his weaker left foot.

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