Hollywood has been trying to capitalize on the video game industry for years now, with movies like Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, and Warcraft making bank at the box office. However, they just cant get the formula right. Thats why its time to move the medium of video games to a new form of entertainment: Netflix. Netflix is built for serialized storytelling and its audience is already accustomed to binge watching multiple seasons of a show in a weekend. Netflix has a huge selection of successful video game franchises, such as Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, and Bioshock.

Video games, long derided by some as a lesser form of entertainment, have been experiencing a renaissance of late. Thanks to evolving technology and a more receptive audience, the narrative-driven games of the past few years have proven that this medium can tell stories just as compelling as their film and television counterparts. With more and more studios getting into the act, and a new streaming service on the horizon, it seems like the perfect time to look at some of the video game stories Hollywood should be adapting for the small screen.

Next month, the fourth and final season of the Castlevania anime will be released on Netflix, concluding the story of Trevor Belmont, Sif and Alucard. But even though the series is coming to an end, the creators of the series have already stated that they are ready to explore the universe with a new adventure. Fortunately, there are plenty of Castlevania games that can be adapted into an animated series, and we wanted to showcase some of the best options that Powerhouse Animation and Netflix could use in the future.

Which Castlevania story would you like to see revived if the Netflix series returned after its fourth season? Who do you think will survive the final episodes of one of Netflix’s most popular original series? Let us know in the comments or tweet me @EVComedy to talk about anything comic book, anime and vampire related.


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The first Castlevania game was released in 1986 on the Nintendo Entertainment System, introducing the world to the Belmont clan and their eternal battle against Dracula and his many creatures of the night. Since the protagonist of the first episode of the series, Simon Belmont, was the son of Trevor and Sifa, there would certainly be a good reason to continue the story of the series with the offspring of the two current slayers.

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Symphony of the Night

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is often considered one of the best parts of the video game franchise. It revolves entirely around Alucard and his quest to not only prevent his father’s resurrection, but also to discover the hidden horrors lurking in his castle. While the Netflix animated series has given us plenty of time to explore the character of Dracula’s son, bringing him to the forefront as the main character would certainly make many teeth cringe, as the half-man, half-vampire remains one of the most popular vampire hunters.

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Lords of the Shadow

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Castlevania: The Shadow Lords is one of the latest additions to the vampire world, but it’s actually the first story of the Belmont clan, following the whip carrier that started it all, Gabriel Belmont. The journey turns Gabrielle into the lord of vampires himself, Count Dracula, proving that the Belmont clan has always been associated with night creatures. The sequel to the original game even takes Brawl to the future, which would be juicy territory for the anime.

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Aria of sorrow

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Aria of Sorrow is part of the Castlevania series. The main character is not Belmont, but a mysterious young man named Soma Cruz. Created as a vessel for Dracula’s return to life, this super-powered fighter is set in the distant future compared to other installments in the series. This would allow Netflix to combine future technology with the night creatures that populated the adventures of Trevor, Sif and Alucard.

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Castlevania Bloodlines certainly has one of the most original storylines in the franchise: Dracula’s niece tries to bring her uncle back to life by starting World War I herself. The story of John Morris, a descendant of the Belmont clan, has the traditional setting that Castlevania is known for, but it also has some interesting plot points that could fit well into the new season of the Netflix anime.

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Original history

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While there are certainly plenty of video game stories that can be adapted, we certainly wouldn’t object to an original story set in the world of the Belmont family and their fight against the Vampire Lord. With characters like Isaac, Hector, Camille and other heroes and villains being part of the cartoon universe, seeing their stories in new seasons could be a new way to bring the series to life.


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