Colin Kazim-Richards, Derby County , raises his fist when Millwall kneels before the start of the game.

Derby boss Wayne Rooney said he was disappointed and upset when some of Millwall fans knelt at the start of the championship on Saturday.

For the first time this season, the day could welcome 2000 fans after the second national blockade was lifted.

However, the return of the spectators was marred by the incident that took place before the match.

This news was very disappointing and frustrating for many people, said Rooney, whose team won the match 1-0.

I am satisfied with the way my team has handled the situation. They must have pushed it back 90 minutes, but I’m sure that’s exactly what they thought.

The football association and the anti-discrimination body Kick It Out condemned the bullying, while derby striker Colin Kazim-Richards called the incident an absolute disgrace.

Players, officials and staff at Premier League and English Football League matches since the June football games have resumed to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement for racial equality.

We have come a long way, but we have to go – Reaction.

The former defender of Manchester City and England, Mike Richards, described the incident as disappointing.

How are these fans divided in the matches? he said in the final report.

There are 2,000 of them, so you can see exactly where people are going. There’s no excuse. I’m tired of talking about this situation.

It’s very disappointing because it looks like we’ve come this far, but we have to go this far. I don’t even like to talk about it. Sounds like it’s falling on deaf ears. Over and over and over again.

Dion Dublin, a former Coventry and Aston Villa attacker on loan from Millwall in 2002, added: They don’t want to get down on their knees, which means they’re racist. They don’t agree with the issue of black life; that means they’re racist against me.

I was told that a minority of Millwall fans would spoil the fun of a club that’s going in the right direction with a brand they’ve been wearing for years and years and would try to wipe them out.

On Friday, the first Millwall team issued a statement in support of efforts to eliminate all forms of discrimination.

After Saturday’s game, Lviv told boss Gary Roott Sky Sports: I’m disappointed that we’re talking about this when we have to say that we’re all back and that we want to enjoy football again.

The club does a lot of work against racism, and the club does a lot of work in the community, and there are some really positive things, so of course I’m disappointed.

We applaud the players who have defied the hate of.

The Football Association spokesperson said that the Football Association supports all players and employees who want to take a respectful attitude against discrimination, including kneeling, and strongly condemns the behaviour of any spectator who actively opposes such events.

Kick it out president Sanjay Bhandari said he was saddened by the boo-boo shouting and congratulated the teams for defying the hatred of some members of the crowd.

It shows that players have the right to continue fighting discrimination, whether they are on their knees or making speeches, he added.

The fight for racial equality will continue and we will continue to work closely with clubs across the country to combat all forms of discrimination.

We applaud the actors who have taken a stand and defied the hatred that has manifested itself today.

said the English football league: The ELF continues to support all individual players, players and clubs who get down on their knees in the fight against inequalities in society.

We are disappointed that today a small group of supporters have decided to oppose such activities, which are directly aimed at raising awareness of the fight against racism.

American footballer Colin Kepernick began to kneel symbolically during a national anthem for the 2016 NFL game to protest police violence against African-Americans in the United States.

The Black Lives Matter movement and the knee bends became popular in Britain after the death of George Floyd in May in the United States, leading to worldwide protests.

A 46-year-old unarmed black man died after a white policeman had put his knee around his neck for almost nine minutes.

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