Motion Graphics is a field with glittering promise. Today, the average user’s attention span is no more than 8 seconds. Media houses, brands, and the like seek innovative ways to grab and hold attention.

And nothing does it better than motion graphics. This upcoming profession is highly sought after for its ability to reach far and wide.

Enrolling in a motion graphics course is a great idea if you like creating engaging, exciting, and eye-catching motion content.

But before doing that, you might be curious if you have what it takes to become a motion graphic designer. Worry not because we have you covered.

Essential Skills for a Motion Graphic Designer

  • Technical Skills

A successful career in motion graphics requires sound technical knowledge. You will be working with creative software and technology as a motion graphic designer and so being able to navigate computers and basic programs is a prerequisite. You should be able to get started immediately with at least a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and the like.

  • Basic Understanding of Animation

Motion graphic designing is about animation and bringing it into the 3D space. Having a foundational knowledge of animation is essential. Animation is not as easy as stringing still frames together to create an illusion of motion. It entails understanding the nuances of the art. For instance, which parts need sound effects, where should you emphasize the colors, etc.? All this helps an animation come to life.

  • Knowledge of Colour Theory

A clear understanding of colors and their effect on animation is an essential skill. Colors contribute immensely to the animation. They convey the moods and emotions of strength, anger, fear, and the like. Furthermore, all animations are not colorful; some have a dark premise. Think Carolina and Corpse Bride. Misusing color in such animations can undo all your work. 

  • Creative Outlook

Motion graphic designers are often given a brief and a degree of creative freedom to develop animation. Being able to repurpose a trite idea into a new and engaging animation is essential for this field. If you are someone accustomed to out-of-the-box thinking and have unique insight into mundane activities, motion graphics is right up your alley.

This list can seem intimidating, especially if you are new to motion graphic design. We recommend enrolling in a motion graphics course. By learning from experienced professionals, your career will get the launchpad you deserve!

Final Thoughts

With these skills and your unique creative outlook, you could become the next big thing in the world of motion graphics. So enroll in a motion graphics course to help you hone your skills while strengthening your concepts.

Premium institutes like Pearl Edge offer a 3-month motion graphics course. Joining a course will give you a foundational understanding of the tools and techniques required to develop professional motion graphics with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. 

Visit their website to learn more about motion graphics course and apply today!

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