If a building is an art, then architects and interior designers are its artists. Through this art, they tell a unique story. Both architects and interior designers craft these narratives. Since interior designers and architects have similar job profiles that involve designing, people often mix these two professions. But in reality, these two are widely different from each other.

So let’s explore the key differences between the two.

1. What is the Basic Difference Between Architecture and Interior Design?

An architect is responsible for planning a building’s structure. They plan the building’s basic layout and ensure enough space for each area, such as how big the kitchen or dining room will be, including how these spaces will connect.

An interior designer tries to understand your requirements, lifestyle, budget and your family to create the home of your dreams. They choose the furniture, design aesthetic, materials, paint colors, flooring patterns, wall colors, and lighting, among other things.

2. How is the Role of an Architect Different from an Interior Designer?

An architect’s tasks involve using the building codes and creating safe spaces. A building architect also designs, reviews, and oversees the construction. They work with the construction team to ensure the work adheres to the plan. Architects also formulate project plans, including cost estimates and timelines.

The interior designer’s main role is interior decoration. They meet with potential clients and present their ideas in addition to creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. This may include hanging a relaxing picture of nature or throwing a soft pillow on the couch that will elevate the mood. They discuss and comprehend the client’s needs as they formulate plans. Plus, they suggest budgets that will work for the client.

3. How do Architects and Interior Designers Differ in Their Educational Requirements?

Not only do the two professions differ in design and focus, but they are also distinct in the educational qualifications required.

To be an architect –

  • Pursue 10+2 in the science stream and have math as a compulsory subject, with at least 50% marks.
  • Enroll in the Bachelor of Architecture program. It is a 5-year course in architecture.
  • If they want, they can earn a master’s degree focusing on conservation, urban design, or any other area of specialization.

To be an interior designer –

  • Pursue 10+2 in any stream.

To be a certified interior designer, you have three options:

  • Certificate course, which typically lasts from six months to a year,
  • The diploma course lasts between one and two years and,
  • Bachelor’s degree course, which lasts between three and five years

To Wrap Up

Interior designers need the appropriate training and skill set to reach the highest levels in their careers.  One way to enter the industry and create an excellent first impression with potential future employers is to gain real-world knowledge.

Various institutions, including Pearl Academy, offer interior design courses that encourage students to think critically, take risks with their creativity, and create a more significant social impact.

So, if you want to become a professional interior designer, study interior decoration through a professional course.

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