Regardless of its size, your bathroom should be designed for a retreat. For example, you may add to the attractiveness of a small bathroom by using vivid wallpaper, or you can fill a large bathroom with a peaceful white colour palette mixed with wood accessories, such as a teak seat, and a fluffy bathmat for spa-like sensations. Weave in contemporary touches like low-maintenance plants, vivid window coverings, and soft towels, and you’ve got a picture-perfect environment that provides the peace you need to start and finish your day. You can your bathroom remodel from bathroom remodel Frisco for the best service. 

To get you motivated to update your area in the new year, we’ve asked our top interior designers to reveal the bathroom trends to look out for in 2022.

  1. Matte Black Fixtures

Antique brass has had its time in the limelight in bathrooms, but there’s a new kid on the town. Matte black fixtures are having a moment, and we can expect to see even more of them in 2022.

  1. Bold Wallpaper

Bold wallpaper that extends from the walls to the ceiling is the latest experience in bathroom decor. Not to mention the cabinets and arching mirror elements, which keep the edges smooth and curving. Think outside the box with storage components we already have in the house, such as a bar cart filled with hand towels, candles, soaps, and lotions.

  1. Bathroom Suites

Larger bathrooms and principal suites will remain popular. With more individuals working from home full-time, our customers want to get away from it all, and the main suite may help them do so. Fixtures with gold-tone finishes are growing increasingly popular, and this trend will likely continue. While linked with the bohemian appearance, they may stand on their own and work well with both classic and modern aesthetics.

  1. Spa Aesthetics

People crave sanctuaries, therefore keeping toilets tranquil is desirable. Because bathrooms are often smaller and cannot accommodate a lot of clutter, individuals will keep them slim and simple in order to create a place of refuge.

  1. Organic Elements

People will include natural and organic features, spa-like feelings, and bring the outside into their bathrooms.

  1. Vintage Furniture

In a bathroom, an antique piece of furniture offers an unexpected element of aesthetic appeal and serves as a conversation piece. For the double sink vanity, you may use an antique chest of drawers, armoire, or, as I did in this Pasadena home, a vintage sideboard. It adds depth to the gleaming new bathroom.

  1. Bringing in Nature

It’s no secret that plants are becoming increasingly fashionable in house decor. This does not exclude our restrooms. Aside from having a nice finishing touch appeal, plants may be used in a really dynamic way in a place. It encourages a more sustainable approach, as well as air-purifying advantages and a wonderful connection with nature. More biophilic designs will be used in bathrooms to create a spa-like atmosphere.

  1. White Marble

Bathrooms with white marble elements are polished, traditional, and classy, and will always stand the test of time. This design decision will undoubtedly defy classification on any trend list.


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