Meanwhile, according to a CNN report, a bunker mentality has emerged and the first family has given up its plans for Thanksgiving in Florida to stay in the White House instead, where he will be leaving in just over two months.

But throughout the administration, Trump – through actions in the Pentagon, inaction in the economy, and denial of the pandemic – the president and his allies control President-elect Joe Biden and harm the American people, even though none of them admits to being close to his replacement.

Instead, Trump was firing officials who had confessed everything that contradicted the story of the election fraud – on Tuesday, DHS official Christopher Krebs confirmed that the election should not have taken place.

Here’s a short guide on how Trump leaves things to his successor.

Immigration policy sections

The report of the CNN National Security Team symbolizes the way the Trump administration is actively working to make Biden’s life more difficult.

The goal is to start so many fires that it will be difficult for Biden’s policy to put them out, a CNN official said in a report.

Trump’s administration:

  • Further withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq in the final days of Trump’s presidency.
  • Contrary to the new confessions of terrorists in Yemen, which may complicate peace mediation efforts.
  • Efforts to allow massive arms sales that could change the balance of power in the Middle East.
  • Planning a last-minute action against China.
  • The floating idea of a last minute military strike against Iran, according to the New York Times.
  • The construction of the sanction wall that will make it difficult for Biden to stick to the Iranian trump card is being considered.
  • Sending Mike Pompeo on the very first official visit of the U.S. Secretary of State to an Israeli settlement.

The deliberate complication of the situation for Biden could, according to the experts in the report, be Trump’s argument for revenge in 2024.

And the last-minute change in the civil leadership of the Pentagon is part of that effort.

Presentation of the economic grenade

Trump’s disagreement with Congress on a new Covidian stimulus will force Biden to engage in a political battle on his first day to help Americans affected by the pandemic.

It expires in December without further action:

  • Provisions to strengthen unemployment insurance
  • Postponement of payment of the student loan
  • The granting of paid family-related leave
  • Financing of coronavirus aid to States whose tax base has been destroyed.
  • And a moratorium on evictions.

Dr. Trump could solve these problems through regulation if he focused on them. In any case, the first major political battle under Biden’s presidency is likely to be a confrontation with a narrow republican or democratic senate.

Trump has also signed a temporary deferral of payroll tax this year. Not all employers participated, but since Trump was unable to make the tax deferral permanent or flexible, Biden will have to find a way to ensure that the accumulated payroll taxes do not lead to an increase in taxes when the bill has to be introduced in 2021.

More information about Katie Lobosco and Tami Lohbie can be found on CNN.

Weakening of American democracy

The most important of these various nails still under the cushions is Trump’s persistent refusal to recognize the legitimacy of Biden’s victory, ultimately a vain piece of lace, because Biden has been sworn in and Trump will no longer be president in January.

Either because he wants to postpone his campaign mission, sow a new media empire of disbelieving Democrats, or because he is personally unable to admit defeat, Trump’s actions will have consequences.

We are constantly reviewing these fees and the factories. They all turn the core of something into a lie.

That’s what it looks like: CNN interviews a Georgian voter of the Kozyr campaign who has been falsely accused of voting for a dead woman.

It is clear that many supporters of Trump do not fully believe in the election results. If Republican Orthodoxy claims that Biden is not the real president, it will legitimize and even force him to thwart his government’s efforts over the next four years and endanger the democratic process.

If Biden rules as an individual as promised, he will first have to find a way to reach the skilled one to believe the counterfactual idea that he is a voice thief.

Republicans will argue that Trump was created in the same way for the failure of the bitter Democrats, but this is a false equivalency since Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s Democrats admitted Trump’s victory in the real time in the downturn. It also ignores the evidence that led to the Russian investigation, the indictment against Trump and much more.

Why the bunker mentality is so treacherous

This idea from above – the bunker mentality – is of interest to White House assistants for anonymous self-application. I have always associated it with the end of Adolf Hitler, in a bunker surrounded by creeps – who, faced with a certain defeat, reject the facts.

But historian Benjamin Carter Hett writes about this in more detail in the LA Times, noting that the massive imposition of lies about Trump winning the election and the fact that his party gave him the opportunity to participate in the elections will have devastating consequences for democracy.

I’m gonna insert the last two paragraphs here, but you need to read it all and apply it to what we see in the White House.

Now we see how SOE likes to take Trump’s delusions of election victory into account. Famous politicians like Sens. Lindsay Graham and Ted Cruise and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are following it with interest. Even their lies will have an effect for years to come and sow bitterness.

They showed that victory – even flattery for Tromp’s fragile ego – meant more to them than the survival of our democracy. The question of how long we can survive as a democracy with one of our two most important parties in the hands of these people will be an urgent one in the years to come.

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