It is unacceptable and contrary to all standards that Dr. Fauci, a prominent member of the president’s coronavirus task force and someone who praised President (Donald) Trump for his actions during the pandemic, chose a political game three days before the election, said White House vice president Judd Deer, in a statement to CNN Saturday night.

Deere made a remark about Fauci in which the doctor seemed to praise Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Mr Fauci said that the election campaign of a democratic candidate is taken seriously from a public health point of view. While Trump, according to Fauci, sees things from a different angle. He said the prospect is the economy and the reopening of the country, the Post reported.

As a member of the task force, Dr. Fauci must express his concern or lobby for a change in strategy, but he has not done so. Instead, he decided to criticize the president in the media and publicize his political preference by praising the president’s opponent – the American people have been waiting for this from the swamp, Deere said.

Fauci, a prominent member of the government’s coronavirus organization, told The Post that the United States needs to make radical changes in public health practices and behavior. He said the country had more than 100,000 new cases of coronavirus a day and predicted an increase in the number of deaths in the coming weeks.

Dr. Fauci knows that the risks today are much lower than a few months ago and that the mortality rate has fallen by more than 80%. Trump’s administration boosts testing through the work of the working group, provides PPE, staff and facilities to protect vulnerable groups, helps reopen schools and responds to local conditions, Deere said.

In Friday’s interview, Post Fauci also criticized Atlas’ neuroradiologist and hand-picked coronavirus advisor Trump for his lack of experience.

I have a real problem with this guy. He’s a smart guy who talks about things I don’t think he has any real ideas, knowledge or experience. He keeps saying that if you take it apart and take it apart, it doesn’t make sense.

Atlas responded to Fawcey on Twitter Saturday night: #Security #PreventingTricks #CantTrowBall #NoTimeForPolitics.

Fauci gave an urgent warning about the Kovida 19 wave, which sends the country into the autumn-winter period.

We’re in a lot of pain. It’s a bad situation, Fauci Post said. In autumn and winter, all the stars are in the wrong place and people gather in enclosed spaces. You couldn’t be in a worse position.

Dear rejected the warning Saturday and said that Dr. Fauci may have just admitted that he feared the cure was worse than the disease and, unlike the president, did not believe that the American people would make better decisions by arming themselves with CDC best practices.

Mr Fauci’s remarks came on the same day that the United States reported 99 321 new cases of Covid 19, the highest number of cases in a single day for any country. By Saturday evening, the number of deaths due to the pandemic in the country had exceeded 230,000.

Meanwhile, according to Johns Hopkins University, 29 states have set new records this month for the last daily cases since the start of the pandemic.

Fauci’s assessment of the country’s handling of the pandemic comes in part because Trump insists on holding major meetings – including four in Pennsylvania on Saturday alone – which only underscores his dangerous disregard for the safety of his own experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who dare to call him to account on election day.

This isn’t the first time Fauci has disagreed with Trump’s administration in the fight against the pandemic. Earlier this month, President Fauci beat Fauci to a pulp and made unsubstantiated statements about the coronavirus in a call for elections.

Trump cited Fauci and other health officials as idiots and said the country is ready to move on after a health disaster, even though medical experts warn that the worst is yet to come.

Based on the fact that if Fauci had sent more than half a million people to the United States, Trump presented his own government’s recommendations to curb the spread of the disease as a nasty irritation.

People are tired of Covid. I have the biggest rallies I’ve ever had, and we have Covid, says Trump, calling the campaign staff of his eponymous hotel in Las Vegas, where he spent two nights on a Western swing. People will say anything. Leave us alone. They’ve had enough. People are tired of listening to Fauci and all those idiots.

In the interview, Post Fauci said he had to be careful with his answers or that he could be blocked for further speeches.

Fauci and others said they were concerned about areas of the country that may not be ready for another outbreak of infection due to restrictions on critical care beds and nurses who could treat a growing number of patients, the Post said.

This is much more true for some states such as Utah, Nevada, South Dakota, North Dakota, where the … they never had a good enough supply of critical care beds or anything like that. I hope they’ll be okay, but there’s always a risk they’ll lose their abilities if the momentum builds, Fauci said.

Jason Hoffman, Mave Reston, Kathleen Collins and Kevin Liptak of CNN contributed to this report.

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