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Chelsea Hawke, the star of Teen Mothers 2, left the MTV reality show after more than 10 years because of her daughter Aubrey, according to a new report.

Chelsea Hawke, the star mother of Teen 2, left the MTV reality show for Aubrey’s daughter, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. On the 10th. In the second season of Teenage Mom 2, Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer faced some reactions to the way they treated Aubrey’s biological father, Adam Linda, and the fatherly side of their family.

Although Cole got the hardest criticism from the fans, it wasn’t because of this criticism that Chelsea left the show. According to Ashley, Chelsea decided to quit because she thought it was best for Aubrey. She wants her daughter to live her teenage years outside public opinion.

Aubrey, now 11 years old, has spent most of her life in front of the camera. She goes into puberty, fans see her first cell phone and braces. One of Chelsea’s most important action points was and is visiting Aubrey’s grandparents in line with her father. According to Chelsea and Cole, the Lins want to continue their visit to Aubrey, but they prefer to stay at home with their parents and siblings and spend time with their friends.

Chelsea did not want to link its segments to the Aubrey and Adam family via.

Despite the negativity, Chelsea and Cole would have decided to leave before he was airborne. Chelsea was increasingly worried that Aubrey was being filmed now that she was older, said Ashley, an anonymous insider. Chelsea didn’t like the fact that her contributions increasingly focused on Aubrey’s personal life and her relationship with Adam’s family.

Chelsea was always planning to leave the show before Aubrey was a teenager. She always knew she would leave the show as soon as Aubrey had reached a certain age, the source explained. She didn’t want to spend her puberty in front of a live camera and was exposed to painful and sometimes horrible comments from the viewers.

She wants Aubrey to have as much privacy as possible. She wants Aubrey to be alone as a teenager, she said. If Chelsea were to do more TV shows in the future, she would do nothing in her personal life.

However, Chelsea was surprised by the blow she and Cole got in season 10. In fact, Chelsea was shocked to see people speculate that the negative attitude toward Cole had something to do with the decision, the insider added.

Chelsea and Cole would be interested in a side event on habitat enhancement

Chelsea and Cole came home after 10:00. The season may not be on television anymore, but that doesn’t mean they’re tired of sharing their lives. In an exclusive interview with Heavy, the couple said they would love to be at a reality show about reverse-improving homes.

Cole said it would be 100% jam.

While building the house of their dreams, the two men discovered their passion for do-it-yourself. They shared this process on their Instagram Down homepage, which has gathered more than 500,000 supporters.

I think we’ve really discovered that we love this process so much, Chelsea Heavy said. We’re already looking around, we’re thinking about tearing down the houses… I have a feeling we won’t be finished after we build this house.

READ NOW: How building their dream of hope helped Chelsea and Cole DeBour’s marriage.

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