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Cassie (Katherine Bell) and Jake (Chris Potter) were married in the films The Good Witch.

The Hallmark Good Witch series has gone through several versions over the years, including some changes to the main characters. When the films became a television series, Cassie’s first husband, Jake, did not continue with the new series. Although Cassie is now happy with Sam, her character married Jake back in 2009. What happened to Chris Potter, who played Jake, and why did he leave the show?

Jake was killed by the good witch.

Good witch Cassandra Cassie Nightingale’s gift always has a few tricks up her sleeve, but she’s surprised when her handsome fiancé, Police Chief Jake Russell, offers to set their wedding date for Christmas in just six days! 2015-01-05T21:21:44Z

The explanation in the series is that Cassie’s first husband, Jake Russell, was killed in the line of duty when he was chief of police in Middleton. He wasn’t killed in any episode or on screen. His death was instead called for when The Good Witch returned as a television series with an episode of Begin Again…. Still with Cassie, now a single mom. Cassie returned to Middleton for Jake’s memorial service, where his death was pronounced. He was shot and died on duty. Jake’s last appearance in Good Witch was in 2014 in Miracle of the Good Witch, which was also the last Good Witch film before the series began.

Jake had two children from his first marriage who were also featured in the show: Brandon and Lori Russell. Brandon Russell eventually followed in his father’s footsteps at the Middleton Police Department and joined the show himself at the beginning of the first season. Laurie became a reporter in the Good Witch Universe. His last appearance on the show was in 2015.

The good witch is not the same without #ChrisPotter.

– Mabel Cecilia Kendon (@CendonMabel) August 9, 2020

Fans still miss Jake in The Good Witch, although Cassie is now happy with Sam.

Chris Potter did not participate in the television series because he had a contractual obligation with Heartland.

Chris Potter and Amber Marshall in HeartlandThis is my fourth and final video for the 100th episode. Episode of Heartland this Sunday, 3. March 2013. Congratulations to the cast and crew of Heartland and thank you for all your work! Video of a Heartland fan with Chris Potter and Amber Marshall. Disclaimer : I don’t have any pictures or music. No copyright infringement expected2013-03-03T09:06:08Z

As for Chris Potter, he left the show because he was already involved in another show, Heartland, and just couldn’t get involved while The Good Witch went from show to show. The Seven Good Witches films were released before the series premiered in 2015.

Hallmark issued a statement saying that they would love to have Potter on the show, but that he was contractually bound to Heartland, according to the New York Daily News. Bell said at the time that they had been trying for months to get Potter back on the show, Distractify reported.

Bell told fans when the good witch returned: It wasn’t our first choice, but instead of not putting on a show at all, we decided to keep going and try to bring in new people who will hopefully take over somehow.

His interview about Potter’s departure was exclusive to Zap2It, which is now offline, but was reported by several other publications at the time, including the Star Tribune.

Bell said something about Potter leaving: We tried our best for months, but we couldn’t get him back from another show.

Chris Potter is playing in Hartland today. According to IMDb, he has played the role of Tim Fleming in 210 episodes since 2007. He also directed a few episodes of the series. In an interview with the Calgary Herald, Potter stated that there are advantages and disadvantages to participating in a popular program like Heartland.

It’s a dilemma in this business. Because young actors pray for a permanent and stable job, and at the same time a permanent job can be the deathblow to your artistic dream because you are not capable of anything. So we have to decide: Can I find something that feeds my artistic sensibility and solves another situation in my life, that of paying the bills? …My advice to all actors has always been: Never make career decisions while you’re at work. Wait until we’re done and you’re out of work for a month, and then you can decide if this show isn’t good enough for you. Don’t make decisions while you work. It’s a false sense of security.

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