It was eager to get my hands on the Honor 50, generally due to the 108MP mainback camera. It likewise accompanies 8MP wide point camera, 2MP Bokia camera, 2MP full scale camera and 32MP front camera with 112 degree focal point. Having never utilized a telephone with such a high goal fundamental camera, I was generally disheartened with the nature of the photos it delivered. Albeit the camera looks sharp from one corner to another, the shadings it recreates are far cooler than the eye can see. Self-adjust is adequately quick, and, surprisingly, in low light, the camera can catch great quality pictures absent a lot of commotion, and the shadings are as yet striking. Now available here is honor phone comparison with detailed overview so just visit here are mentioned.

There is an expert mode where you can pick settings like shade speed, ISO and gap. In any event, while taking shots at a wide gap, the obscured parts look completely regular, and keeping in mind that the center is less steady than anticipated from your DSLR, the center region is truly recognizable.

Honor 50 Overview Sample Photos

Shooting utilizing fundamental camera at f/1.9 (Image credit: Hannah Rok), The front selfie camera is the second best camera and the tones look substantially more exact. To purchase a telephone for writing for a blog, video calls or web-based media then selfie camera is actually a selling point. You can likewise decide to shoot in Beauty mode, which consequently smoothes the skin and eliminates undesirable eye sacks.

The 8MP wide point camera proves to be useful when you really want a marginally more extensive field of view; however the shading and quality aren’t as powerful or on par with 108MP.

Honor 50 example pictures

Both the 2MP cameras are very poor and decrease the worth of the telephone. Very large scale mode doesn’t work as it does on different telephones with large scale cameras, and you must be truly exact in taking pictures from a distance of 4 cm. This is the sort of element you can show to your companions, yet never truly use.

Bookie mode likewise appears to be a piece superfluous, as the primary camera can go to f/1.9 and utilizes a great deal of high goal sensors. Honor appears to have been consolidated into these cameras so one might say that there are different cameras, however practically speaking they add essentially nothing to its utilization.

Well-equipped recordings

As far as video specs, the Honor 50 is equipped for recording at 1080p at 30fps. It resembles the video menu has 4K mode, however I was unable to sort out some way to choose it. There are additionally six multi-video shooting modes to look over, which join three cameras into one tech. They are front to raise recording, double view recording (front/back), picture in picture, high velocity recording and slow recording. Once more, I battled to observe the quick movement and slow movement choices in the menu, which are put in an ambiguous way.

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