News feeds over the past few days have been filled with the news around tumbling Netflix stocks and changing expectations for the platform as it doubles down on increasing fees and cutting user privileges too – the platform had even tried to expand into the online gaming market much like many other big successful platforms as users continue to visit this site amongst many others for online gaming choices. As Netflix does continue to slip downwards however, does it pave the way for change amongst streaming services, or are users likely to see more of the same over time?

Netflix to introduce ad-supported plans in a major shift | TechCrunch(Image from

There has long been a hope that big streaming services will combine efforts to ensure not only the available catalogue of content improves over time too but also to cut costs back and have everything in one place, but it’s unlikely that this will ever be a change that comes as exclusive content is a big part of the selling point – given one of Netflix biggest problems has been the lack of new content and cancelling shows early, however, it may lead the other streaming platforms to reconsider their own approach as subscription cancelling continues to be a growing trend.

Another change is it may make many services reconsider future price hikes or changes in the way account sharing has been viewed in the past – it has been quite lax for the majority of online streaming usage but the suggestion that users could have to pay more for each user on the account regardless of whether they’re in the household or not – there does need to be the price management and increasing price is part of the any online streaming service, but increasing price multiple times within a short span of time was another frustration for Netflix users.

It’s estimated that Netflix will lose up to two million subscribers by the end of the year at quite a conservative estimate but the real number could be much higher if the changes suggested do come into play, and for now it’s unknown just what sort of impact this will have on the streaming giant but the other big names of Prime and Disney+ will certainly be watching closely to avoid the shortfalls in the future – it could pave the way for future streaming services too as it has been shown that content production for unique shows as well as a large catalogue of existing content is vital for the success, and users aren’t afraid to cut subscriptions on a whim if the expectations aren’t being met.

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