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In the world of plastic surgery, getting a breast reduction is one of the most popular procedures. In fact, it’s usually one of the first procedures that a woman considers when trying to lose weight or get a good figure. Yet, a New Zealand woman has been stunned after her breasts grew back after the operation.

Singer who spent ?7,000 on reduction for E cup breasts left devastated after they GREW BACK six months later Jam Press

For years, Bethanie suffered from back discomfort and unwelcome attention (Picture: Jam Press)

A lady has told how she paid thousands of dollars for a breast reduction only to have them grow back three months later.

Bethanie Lyon, 24, of Los Angeles, California, had the surgery in July 2019 after years of suffering from back discomfort, unwanted attention, and clothing that didn’t fit properly.

Bethanie, a professional singer, was overjoyed with her new C cup boobs after the operation. However, she discovered the seams on her stage outfits were breaking after just three months. Her breasts started developing again, much to her surprise.

Bethanie was returned to nearly her original size nine months following the surgery.

‘Honestly, it was as irritating as it was sad – I was so pleased with how they looked after surgery,’ Bethanie added.

‘After going through so much agony, it was tough to accept the fact that it was all for nothing.’

Bethanie’s chest grew rapidly as a teenager, and by the age of 14, it was obvious she would have big breasts.

She said, ‘I was always a bit embarrassed by their enormity.’ ‘People were continuously commenting. It was the only thing people noticed about me, and everyone connected me with having a large chest.’

Bethanie’s cup size was also a problem for her job as a singer and dancer.

Meanwhile, she felt as though she was falling behind in terms of fashion.

Bethanie Lyon - before the operation.

Bethanie prior to the surgery (Picture: Jam Press)

‘They were simply so heavy and in the way, and I honestly felt like I looked ridiculous dancing with them on,’ she said.

‘I couldn’t wear many of the outfits I wanted because they didn’t fit my chest.’ I felt like I was missing out since most fashion catered to individuals with flatter chests.

‘I never really understood what size bra to purchase since bra sizes are so variable. I would typically purchase a 36 or 38DDD since most shops only carried up to a DDD, and they would occasionally fit, but they were usually too small.’

Bethanie had determined she desired a weight loss while she was in her early twenties. She spent $10,000 (£7,000) for the procedure at Cool Springs Plastic Surgery with the assistance of her parents on July 12, 2019.

Bethanie Lyon - on the day of her surgery.

Bethanie’s post-operative recuperation was lengthy. (Photo courtesy of Jam Press)

‘I was terrified since it was my first time having surgery or being under anesthesia, but I was also ecstatic,’ she said.

‘All of the physicians were amazing, and I adore them all.’ They made me feel really secure and cared for, which relieved a lot of my anxiety.’

The recuperation after surgery was lengthy, and Bethanie had a more severe response than typical patients.

‘My surgeon told me I must be physically more sensitive than other people,’ she said. ‘In order for me to be able to walk, sit, and stand up, they had to give me more medicine.’

‘For the first week, I cried every time I had to get up off the sofa because I was in so much agony.’ My skin felt like it was tearing away.

‘I was able to walk about normally after approximately three weeks, bar dancing or exercising.’

Bethanie Lyon - 1 month post operation

One month after her surgery, the vocalist (Picture: Jam Press)

Bethanie was back on the set of the Wedding Singer by October 2019.

She observed the decrease returning at that point.

‘When we attempted to zip it exactly where my breast was, the seams of my dress burst apart,’ she said.

‘I could feel it tightening in my chest but not in my stomach for a couple of weeks before that, so I simply disregarded it. They just grew larger and bigger as the months passed, until they were back to their original size after around nine months.’

‘I haven’t worn bras since my surgery due to the discomfort of bra straps and bands, so I don’t know what size they are today,’ she added, ‘but they seem nearly similar in size to before my operation – maybe a cup size smaller.’

Like other people, Bethanie was informed about all of the dangers of the operation, including the possibility that her hair might come back, but she was reassured that this was an uncommon occurrence.

The dancer thinks the regrowth is due to a hormonal problem, despite the fact that she has never been given a specific explanation.


Bethanie a year after her surgery (Picture: Jam Press)

‘I knew it was conceivable, but I never imagined it would happen,’ she said.

‘Your body will do what it wants, and you won’t always be able to stop it. I have hypothyroidism and must take medicine on a daily basis to keep my body functioning properly.

‘Because this disease affects my hormones, it’s likely they grew back as a result of my thyroid.’

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‘My genetics may have also played a role since I have family members on both my mother’s and father’s sides who have naturally big chests, so my body may have just believed it was doing what it was meant to do by growing them again.’

Bethanie’s views about having a big chest have altered in the two years after her operation.


Bethanie is now (Picture: Jam Press)

“I’m not as ashamed of them now as I was as a teenager because I’ve learnt to embrace my body in the way it wants to exist,” she said.

Despite this, Bethanie is thinking about having the procedure done again.

‘From what I was informed, I’d have to wait a long time for another one due to safety and health concerns,’ she said.

‘However, I’m not sure I could go through that all over again.’ If I decide to have children in the future, I believe I will have another after I am through with my current family.’

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can your breast grow back after a breast reduction?

Yes, your breasts will grow back after a breast reduction.

Does your body change after breast reduction?

Yes, it does.

How long does it take for breast to heal after reduction?

It takes about six weeks for a breast to heal after reduction.

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