Wonder Woman 1984 is now in the theatres and can be broadcast on HBO Max. The latest DC Comics-inspired film is presented to fans after numerous delays in its release, partly due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The fact that Wonder Woman 1984 is available to fans also means that people are starting to talk about various aspects of director Patty Jenkins’ film, including one of the most anticipated characters, Cheetah. The cheetah, played by Kristen Wiig, is a known enemy of Wonder Woman in comics, so the fans had high expectations of a live version. Unfortunately, both fans and critics are not happy with the way the character has turned into a computer-generated image.

On social media, many DC fans have posted their thoughts on the transformation of Vig from Barbara Minerva to Cheetah. Many have compared the final form of the character with something from the 2019 film Cats, a film whose computer-generated image was widely criticized and rejected (just like the whole film, but that’s another matter). Others were simply disappointed because the pattern observed in other DC films, namely that the villain who shows up at the end of the film, especially in CG, may not look as good as the fans would have liked. Others still feel that the poor quality of the computer-generated image does not do Wiig any good, even though, as some have pointed out, there was not enough Wiig as a cheetah in the film.

The criticism of Cheetah is all the more remarkable because Jenkins has already stated that the execution of Cheetah seems terrible.

Cheetah’s execution was awful, Jenkins said earlier this month. I gotta tell you, I knew I wanted Cheetah to be there: Ooh, that’s… It must be true! You know what I mean? I was so scared I didn’t look good, and it took every second from the moment we got ready for the shoot to the moment we looked at the picture to get it in the picture. Every second was so hard.

Read what the fans are saying about Cheetah IGI below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Wonder Woman 1984 now broadcasts on HBO Max and is in the theatres.

Must be a fan of CATS

The people at Wonder Woman Cheetah CGI must have really enjoyed the 2019 CATS charts.

– Dave Slenderman (@daveslenderman) 26 December 2020


or did they hire a team?

Are they using Team Cats to do a CGI for Cheetah?

– Tyler Young (@tylery918) 26 December 2020


And that’s why this scene was shot at night.

That it was so bad with the cheetah that they had to film the night scene hfbfbffbf.

– Going ✈️10 (@starrybutch) 25 December 2020


Did we call CATS?

Святое дерьмо, Гепардная КГИ ой в 44-ой мировой войне выглядит бааааа.

How Cats 2019 is bad

– Congratulations on Livelihood Day! (@Crimson__Edge) 24. December 2020


I like it, but I don’t like it.

I don’t know how I feel about cheetah guts, I like it, but yeah, I don’t like it either.

– Azealia Banks Stan Account (@Captain_Obvio) 26 December 2020


DC’s poor track record with the bad guys at CGI

You’d think DC would learn to avoid the bad guys at CGI. The cheetah is worse than the cat.

– Kyle Dallman (@Krdallman) 26 December 2020


Why can’t the cheetah have a real costume?

By the way, Cheetah looked awful bad. If we can make a complete suit for the Gadot, there’s no reason why the Cat Lady of the CGI…

– DƐZ™ (@DEZk20_) 25 December 2020


felt like an afterthought

It was like an afterthought. Cheetah’s CGI wasn’t inspired. 1 full year in post-production (the film was shot until December 2019), but the greenscreen effects were not polished.

– Shubhajit (@beingshubho) 26 December 2020


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